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Jun 13, 2012

EU budget for growth – of the state, that is.

Daniel Hannan has released a pair of videos of an interview of himself and “the spin doctor for the Budget Commissioner.” This clip is a classic example of how impossibility difficult it is for a dedicated bureaucrat to debate a man who has freed his mind from the clutches of the state.

The EU is spinning its budget as ‘for growth’ much the same as most governments do. One rule to bear in mind though, is that any budget, which increases revenue along with a claim of being ‘pro growth’, is designed only to grow the organization itself.

The clip presented is the second; the first is here:

“Whats happening is that we are circulating … three times what we have saved in all of of our domestic spending cuts put together through the leaky chambers and tubes of the Brussels machinery, dribbling out all the way, and then a little bit of it comes back and we are supposed to be greatful for it.”

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