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Jun 22, 2012

‘Libertarian’ Farage; America not to blame.

As far as European politicians go, Daniel Hannan is a popular favorite among libertarian orientated people, self identifying as one. Interestingly, UKIP MEP Nigel Farage seems to do so in the following video of an interview on Fox in which he slams Barroso as an idiot and refutes his claim that America is to blame for all of Europe’s woes.

On the issue of part of the UKIP Creed that mentions, “We believe in the minimum necessary government which defends individual freedom, supports those in need, takes as little of our money as possible, and doesn’t interfere in our lives,” the remark was made, “It sounds pretty libertarian, it that it?” He replies, ”Completely and utterly, in fact, when I finish this interview, I’ll go away and drink a toast to that:”

Some time ago the UKIP/libertarian issue was addressed here with the opinion:

"Were the [UK] LP to fold, some members may be attracted to their policies of devolving power downward, lower flat rate taxes with a simplified tax code, less regulation and more personal freedom. The main issue is of course to get Britain out of the European Union. A glance through their manifesto indicates a range of reasonable policies, as well as some that leave a fair bit to be desired.

On the whole though they are far better than the three major parties. I feel they have more to gain by a libertarian infusion than such an infusion would gain from them."
Looking through the UKIP site, it is difficult to describe them as a libertarian party, although they are not too disappointing as far as their ideas go, especially in the context of European thinking. The Libertarian Party United Kingdom still exists for ‘proper libertarians’ and is still active.

To a libertarian, UKIP is not libertarian, however most libertarians would be happy to see the party do well in the future and possibly replace one or more of the old moribund big three. At this time it has the potential to move the thinking of the UK in a more individual freedom orientated direction, which may help the LPUK gain more traction in the future.

While it is not up to the standards of the Rothbardians, Cato, the LP, Australia’s 26 pure libertarians, the Reason Foundation, or even the Australian LDP, it does offer a better direction than we have been accustomed to from the Old World.

Libertarianism means different things to different people, from the sublime to the ridiculous; so it’s a good idea not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

On the subject of the ridiculous, Nancy Pelosi thinks the Republican Party, (Warning: swallow that mouthful of coffee before reading on) are a bunch of Ayn Randist, libertarian, capitalist, radical free market extremists who make Adam Smith look like a Keynesian.

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