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Jun 10, 2012

Some real Rand Derangement Syndrome.

H/t Libertarian Republican.

There are plenty of deluded souls on the left who, at the mention of the name Ayn Rand tend to go into a special form of derangement syndrome that far surpasses anything the anti Bush people came up with. Rand, along with Rose Wilder Lane, and Isobel Patterson tend to be seen as the philosophical matriarchs of the libertarian movement, but Rand tends to be the one singled out as a demonic figure by the left.

Generally, her name is mentioned in criticism of anyone promoting cuts to the size of government, expenditure, tax reduction, or individual sovereignty. Most of those who rage about her give the distinct impression that they have never read her works, just other leftists opinions of her. Ed Encho of Op-Ed news goes really overboard in his item on the Wisconsin result:

Rand was a true monster in her ravings that have somehow managed to become religion despite the irony of her unbending atheism (her only admiral characteristic in my opinion) and it only further illustrates the abysmal stupidity of the lumpen Republicans in the teabagger/religious right ranks that they can't make this connection. In all of their invocation of god and Jesus V.2.0 to justify their hatreds and lust for blood purges they are being marshaled to build the utopia of a god hating, amphetamine crazed Russian emigre whose writings were a reflection of the childhood trauma of one Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum whose father's business was taken over by the Bolsheviks.

Had the stubborn old man just gone along to get along and pimped out his young daughter to the revolutionaries he could have spared America the ascension to godhood of the sow of the steppes and her "Collective" that spawned a man named Alan Greenspan and now the filth that is revving up the strip-mining machines with the full power of a police state that would have given Stalin a hard on backing them up.

Perhaps we can see a new, broad-based anti-war, anti-corporate, anti-Rand and anti-religious fascist movement that can finally represent a threat to entrenched oligarchic power. As for Wisconsin and their fornication with Walker it becomes less of a mandate for fascism when considering that a large portion of the population are grossly obese, cheese-eating ignoramuses, easily duped and hoodwinked by sophisticated city slickers that can be bussed in as organizers by the Koch Brothers and their ilk, just northern versions of the unwashed and jacked up on Jesus peckerwoods down behind the cornbread curtain. They deserve Walker as much as the U.S. deserves Romney, people just haven't suffered enough
Now that Clinton has made the odd statement contradicting the White House line, we may yet see him described as a rabid free market capitalistic Ayn Rand style libertarian extremist, teabagging …


  1. More peace, love and tolerance from the left.

    "Had the stubborn old man just gone along to get along and pimped out his young daughter to the revolutionaries he could have spared America the ascension to godhood of the sow of the steppes..."

    Once more, where are all the heroic women's rights gals on this one? Imagine someone ranting like this about a liberal would be screamed world-wide by the MSM and the perpetrator would be drawn and quartered.

    And Ed, come on out to Montana. I know a certain peckerwood who would be happy to give you a little wall-to-wall counseling to "git yer mind raght."

  2. When I saw the bit you quoted I was wondering if it might have been a piss take, but the whole item is so incoherent, I think he just let his rage fly.