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Jun 1, 2012

George W addresses his ‘hanging’

Looking back on the Bush2 Presidency, there is not much there for a libertarian to take comfort from. The reality is that he presided over the greatest government grab for power since FDR, only eclipsed by his successor. While Bush as a bit of a tear away tended to present an image more in line with the man on the street, he was essentially a product of the old money East Coast elite and gave little thought to individual liberty.

He seems to have been though, a gracious person who did his best with the best of intentions, unfortunately the sort of good intentions that pave the road to Hell. It has to be remarked though, that it takes real class to attend an event in the White House and behave with grace and courtesy in the face of a man who is still openly blaming George for all of his own shortcomings:

Bush would have made a great standup comedian.

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