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Jun 8, 2012

PC whipped Olympians apologize for gun photos.

In an example of political correctness gone mad, Australian Olympic swimmers Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk have been threatened with sanctions over displaying photos of themselves with ‘high powered’ guns on Facebook. In the eyes of the media these days, anything from a single shot .22 upwards is “high powered.”

Neither did anything wrong other than be seen in photos with guns, which is enough to upset neurotics. Now the pair have wimped out and apologized over having a bit of fun:
Swimmers Nick D'Arcy and Kenrick Monk have apologised after photos of them posing with guns landed them in trouble. D'Arcy and Monk posed with the weapons in a gun shop in the US where the Australian swimming team had been training and competing before the Olympics start next month.

D'Arcy, who described the shooting experience as "pretty fantastic, apologised for causing any offence. "We got the opportunity to fire a couple of guns which was pretty fantastic to be honest because we don't get that opportunity back home," D'Arcy told reporters at Brisbane Airport after the pair returned to Australia on Friday.

"It was all just meant to be a bit of fun, the photos were just a bit of fun. If anyone's been offended I deeply apologise. It was never the intent, it was never supposed to be offensive.” Monk, who took them off his Facebook page, also apologized. …

In the photo taken by the gun shop owner, D'Arcy is smirking as he holds up a pair of automatic pistols, while Monk smiles broadly holding two pump-action shotguns across his chest.

Swimming Australia (SA) ordered the pair to remove the photos from their Facebook and Twitter accounts under their social media policy. The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has said it will await SA's investigation before considering sanctions.
It is disappointing that the swimmers have chosen not to stand up to these fascists in SA and the press, but to do so would probably end their Olympic hopes. It is difficult to imagine any reason why images of guys with guns should cause any offence at all to anyone other than the odd half-wit who wants to pretend that if there are no pictures, there are no guns.

Neither of these guys is the sharpest tool in the shed. D’Arcy was thrown off the 2008 team for a serious assault on another swimmer, and Monk laid a false complaint of being hit by a hit and run driver to cover up falling off his skate board.

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