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Jun 14, 2012

Storm in a coffee cup.

Cartoon: Baloo’s Cartoon Blog.

Its difficult to understand what Bolt is so worked up over here:

Priceless: bigots are now running a campaign against bigotry. Advocates for freedom are trying to shut down debate.

The Left in Australia, 2012.

Left extremists want to boycott Gloria Jean’s’ excellent coffee because some of the company bosses allegedly go to church - the Hillsong one. And because they once gave money to help the Prime Minister talk to Christians about how she shared their position on gay marriage.
It seems that rather than an organized plot by ‘left extremists’ as stated, it is mainly an effort by the gay community with support from a small group of lefties, incensed over donations to a Christian lobby group, and associations with members of the Hillsong Church.

Donations to a group lobbing against gay marriage is probably a reasonable cause for some angst among the gay community and they as individuals or a group are quite entitled to react in this way. There is no suggestion of violence or picketing, just a withdrawal of custom from the business.

The religious affiliations of directors and senior staff are largely irrelevant to the issue. Were the company to have a discriminatory hiring policy directed at gays then they would have an issue that would possibly gain some traction. At this point, this is not the case.

Bolt would have done more for Gloria Jeans Coffees had he left the issue alone.

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