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Jun 19, 2012

Gillard becoming an even bigger embarrassment.

To end on a happy note one can always count on Gilbert and Sullivan for a rousing finale full of words and music and signifying nothing. – Tom Lehrer, ‘Clementine’

The Prime Minister’s lecturing and hectoring of world leaders at their latest luxury talkfest at the Mexican resort of Los Cabos has been as effective as a lead balloon. It seems to exhibit all of the Hubris expected from the mayor of Dogpatch, even as Nemesis stalks her footsteps.

Still, it will allow world leaders to emphasize with what we put up with every day, and give them an understanding of why her party is about to be booted out.

Basically her advice consisted of telling anyone who would listen, how good she and Wayne Swan thought they were and how the rest of the world should follow her example:

Ms Gillard's aggressive message was yesterday met with wide diplomatic scepticism and polite hostility as the world's premier economic summit gets under way in the shadow of uncertainty over Greece's future. Arriving at the G20 summit in the Mexican resort of Los Cabos, Ms Gillard increased her criticism of European leaders and promoted Australia's policies for economic growth.

"Australia takes considerable pride in our own economic achievements," she told a small audience of international business leaders the day before the G20 officially begins. …

… Ms Gillard said on her arrival that she wanted to take every opportunity to tell her European counterparts about Australia's success and the need for positive and decisive action.

"Our record of growth and job creation gives me confidence -- because I have seen our own determination and decisiveness rewarded in Australia, I'm confident that determined and decisive leadership around the world will be rewarded, too," she said. "And I hope Australia's strong economy can be a sign of confidence to other countries.

"We acknowledge that every country faces its own unique circumstances; but we do believe there are some lessons for the world in the Australian way.” Australia had stimulated its way out of the global financial crisis and remained committed to reform and fiscal discipline.

Blah, blah, blah, …
What this represented was patting herself on the back without saying anything substantive other than putting every other nation down. Not being satisfied with this effort she and Swan sent a letter to every other G20 leader saying the same thing in a more long-winded manner.

All this government has done is spend so wildly it has racked up massive debts that will require decades to repay. This has been done in spite of an unprecedented mining boom and the income garnered from it despite the governments Luddite ideas getting in the way of investors to the point where it is surprising that the mining companies bother.

They are sailing so close to the wind, that on the introduction of a mining tax to fund a miserable 1% reduction in company tax, they had spent it first and were unable to cut the tax unless business could agree to a tax increase somewhere else to make up for it.

Perhaps Europe needs to find a lot of coal and iron ore like we did.


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