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Jun 21, 2012

Putting parliament in its place.

A shorter version of this video has been posted here before, featuring Media Magnate, the late Kerry Packer fronting up to a parliamentary inquiry on media ownership some years back. This one is a slightly longer version.

One of the especially amusing aspects for those who remember the circumstances surrounding this was the sight of preening politicians giving interviews on just how they were going to take Kerry apart when he was called. They quickly found the boot on the other foot with him putting them in their place.

This guy was one of the finest Aussies ever to walk the planet and it’s a shame he is not still about.


  1. I ran it as well!

    A fantastic clip.



  2. Thanks Jim.
    Saw it at the Captains place earlier.
    If I am ever in his position, doubtful, I hope to treat tptb with the same utter contempt.

  3. I was reminded of this by The Captains previous post and decided I just had to run it. I had a feeling it would appeal to you guys.

  4. profoundly_disturbedJune 22, 2012 at 11:17 AM

    Having a pair is commendable and KP was never going to be anybodys lap dog, but you're missing a salient point.
    Speaking your mind and telling the truth is possibly unlawful now.
    I refer you to our current Prime Minister's output as validation; otherwise she wouldn't lie would she?

    No offence intended

  5. Well, its not quite there yet, but they are working on it.