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Jun 11, 2012

What is Clinton up to?

Over the last month former President Bill Clinton has been coming out with statements contradicting those of President Obama, notably his praise for Bain Capital, and supporting a continuance of the Bush tax cuts. This has stunned some observers, especially those who still believe The One is the Messiah, but raising the question of what he is playing at?”

There has been conjecture that he is ‘getting even’ over being branded a racist by Obama but this seems a bit simplistic. In the following clip, Herman Cain raises the theory that Slick Willy is actually trying to force Obama to move to the middle ground in order to avoid disaster:

There is another possibility. During the term of the Goss Labor government in Queensland, politics was played in such a partisan way that its own supporters were slammed for anything less than 100% obedience, causing dissention in the ranks. Jim Soorley the Lord Mayor of Brisbane was so concerned he wrote a letter urging them to moderate their behaviour. The Deputy Premier subjected him to a bellicose rant as a result.

At the end, there were groups of strong party supporters who were actively campaigning to have the government voted out. Clinton is a guy who probably has his finger on the pulse and may be trying to save the party, even at the expense of the President.

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