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Sep 17, 2008

Biden, Going, Going, .....

The selection of Joe Biden was generally greeted with delight by both sides, the Democrats because they are trained to greet with delight all decisions made by the beltway elite, the Republicans because Joe is a windbag who can be safely ignored.

The selection of Sarah Palin by McCain has however dampened that delight for the Democrats; they really needed someone effective, instead of someone whose only talent was to make Obama look better than him.

However an objective assessment by Steve Maloney has come up with the now fairly solid prediction that Biden will be replaced after the first debate, possibly by Hillary Clinton, although it is difficult to see this working.

Obama quite unfairly branded both Clintons as racists, Hillary for saying, “Dr. King's dream began to be realized when President Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, ……” and Bill for referring to Jessie Jackson’s unsuccessful campaign.

Obama again vilified Hillary for making an innocent remark about the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Hillary has not been subjected to the same degree of vitriol as Sarah Palin has been, but clearly she must realize that Obama is a misogynist.

I believe it would be almost impossible for a strong minded independent woman like Hillary to play second fiddle to an inexperienced person who is so childishly narcissistic that he thinks everything is all about him.

The type of accusations mentioned above indicates to me that Obama has a serious anger management problem. Looking at his face during the 'lipstick on a pig' remark, and 'old stinking fish' one, I felt he was barely keeping it under control, and had to say it even against his own better judgement.

Hillary has made it clear that she does not consider Obama ready to govern and if she were nominated, it would be for the reason that he needs someone with experience to hold his hand and tell him what to do.

I doubt that Hillary would want to be his ‘wet nurse.’

The following is an article from the Nobama network indicating that there is reason to consider the possibility: -

ATTENTION: Hillary replacing Biden just after the VP Debate!!!!
Rumors are flying around the Internet that Obama is planning to relieve Joe Biden of his V.P. position and replace him with Hillary Clinton. But, I have a very credible source that told me that Obama IS going to make up an excuse (probably medical reasons) to get rid of Biden and replace him with Hillary. …

Keep in mind:
* Both Obama and Hillary said he did NOT vet her.
* Obama's choice of Biden was a sign of weakness (he had to pick him after the problems in Georgia because in 3 days he made 3 different statements about how the situation should be handled and showed his ineptness regarding foreign relations).
* The fact that he now needs Hillary is also a sign of weakness - he can't win without her.
* He is using Hillary to get what he wants, after he cheated her out of her win.
* He did not pick Hillary because he is arrogant and thought he could win without her AND he is sexist.
* It took the Republicans to get the Democrats to put a woman on the ticket.
* Hillary said that Obama is not qualified to be president, but she and McCain are.
* Hillary said that all Obama has done is make a nice speech - he will NOT be ready on Day 1.
* Hillary said, "Shame on you, Barack Obama," when he sent out direct mail that was filled with lies, i.e., she called him a liar.
I believe the health rumor thing actually has legs, as for a week or so I have been getting hits from Google searches inquiring about ‘Biden health.’ This will start around the end of the first VP debate when Palin wipes the floor with him, and the writing is on the wall, but the preparations are definitely under way.

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