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Sep 14, 2008

McCains and Media Bias and Bastardry.

I am not sure who is the originator of this one, but I’ll Put it up anyway: -

Well, I guess we know who everyone at ABC studio’s is being pressured to vote for……

I just finished watching Sen. and Cindy McCain on The View, and I’m still laughing at the transparent biased style of reporting offered by Barbara Walters (industry pawn, sadly), Whoopie Goldberg (militant bitch), and Joy Behar (professional offensive PIG and self-described comedienne)

The contrast between McCain’s interview vs Obama’s interview on the same show couldn’t be more clear. When Barry-boy was a guest, he was asked questions, and then offered vague, elaborate, meandering and nuanced responses, none of which actually answered their questions directly but nonetheless, had the ‘ladies’ of The View enraptured while they lapped up his KoolAid.

John McCain was barely able to get a couple of words out before Walters, Behar and Goldberg began a series of rapid-fire interruptions (a la the Gibson/Palin interview by the same network). The style and tone of the interview surpassed disrespect and quickly degenerated into plain and unmistakable unprofessionalism.

That interview, along with Palin’s by Gibson, was reminiscent of an interrogation rather than a professionally executed piece of journalism.

Not since the McCarthy era have I witnessed such propaganda called ‘objective journalism’; and like McCarthy, it seems that the media (fearing their own future?) has jumped into the Obama tank, and finds nothing wrong with such a blatant and irresponsible style of ‘reporting.’

Whoopie was going through contortions to try to get in a “Gotcha” … she wasn’t even pretending to be fair or unbiased. It made me sick. When everyone else clapped for Senator McCain and Cindy, she did not. Then she was fanning herself as if she was so hot under the collar she couldn’t contain herself.

It was deplorable. It was all of them attacking him over Roe vs. Wade and Whoopie even has to throw in the slavery comments in reference to his belief that he wanted people who would interpret the constitution the way our forefathers did.

Whoopie feigned fear then that what he mean’t was that McCain would want to return to slavery vis a vis strict constitutional interpretation. Of course McCain reassurred her that that was not the case. WTF!

This was an intelligent interview???? A fair one????? What a twisted way to get in a racist perspective of white men and slavery and attempt to attach it to McCain. It made me furious! I have been blocking the View and only watched it for this interview, but after watching the disrespectful and full court press attack by Whoopie and assisted by Barbara and Behar, I can’t stand this show and it’s back to being blocked!!

I was appalled when Barbara stated in response to Whoopie’s “fear of going back to slavery” responded with “Us white folk will take care you”. How come no one is getting all over Barbara’s a$ for saying that? I had to rewatch that part over on youtube just to make sure I had it right.

Does anyone else find that offensive? I actually found the whole interview offensive. It was such a clear attack. They constantly interrupted him, made faces to the camera (Whoopie), talked over him and came up with inane reactions to his statements

News flash:

Michelle Obama did not (as she claims) reject going to the 9/11 ceremonies at Ground Zero on Sept. 11th because it was her daughters' first week of school and she had to be home to support them.

According to the Toledo Blade newspaper, Michelle was out in Ohio CAMPAIGNING for Obama on Sept. 10, so I guess the fact that she wouldn't be home for the girls' first week of school didn't matter so much to Michelle when she had a chance to troll for votes in Ohio (where Obama seems to be in some electoral trouble).

Can either of the Obamas ever tell the truth about anything?

<< href="">unable to pay her respects at the 9/11 ceremony, why did she spend yesterday campaigning in two states? >>

Michelle also campaigned in Indiana on Wed., so I guess she wasn't home in Chicago for her daughters

P. S. Michelle has claimed that she is always home for the girls at night, but on Wed. night, Michelle was campaigning in Cincinnati, speaking to a crowd at the National Black Baptist Convention meeting


  1. For what it's worth, as a woman, I find The View completely insulting. It's clear that they are not interested in presenting a balanced view on anything. The same biased treatment was evident when they had Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama on as guests. When Michelle Obama's dress gets more attention than the noble humanitarian work that Cindy McCain has been involved in, that tells you all you need to know.

  2. Very good. I've been wondering where Michelle was now that Obama has thrown her under the bus.

    Great work.

    The Pink Flamingo

  3. The View. Ewwwww! Funny how that rhymes. LOL! I honestly don't see how anyone other than a total moonbat liberal can stand watching that show. I really hope you didn't hurt yourself by doing so, Jim. That sort of thing might cause some sort of brain disorder. Please be careful! :)

    No, the Obama's can't tell the truth about anything. That's been pretty clear for awhile, hasn't it? Sheesh... they've lied so much I think it's become a habit!