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Sep 21, 2008

Whoopi and hard luck stories.

Whoopi seems to specialise in getting herself into a total lather about the unimportant, seeming to see herself as a sort of unkempt Keith Olbermann.

Were Obama to be elected by some mischance Olbermann could fit in nicely as his Information Minister using the by line 'Washington Keith'. It kind of doesn’t have the same sound bite as 'Bagdad Bob', but the jobs the same, and would be handled the same.

In the above clip Whoopi gets her bowels in a knot about Palins reference to community organizers, who she maintains do have responsibilities. I have never heard of the position before and have never considered that such things existed. Communities usually just get together and do it themselves the way it should be.

She then goes on to quote Bidens family tragedy as the eqivalent of what McCain went through in Vietnam. This has to be the most ridiculous analogy I have encountered yet.

Biden lost a wife and two children in a traffic accident. This is indeed a tragedy and I and the vast majority of others on the other side of the fence to him understand this and sympathise over it.

McCain was shot down in the service of his country and endured five years of torture, the results of which still affect him today.

I don’t wish to belittle what happened to Bidens family, but it is something we all run the risk of having happen every time our families are on the road. We all suffer losses and grief, lifes like that.

Joe had two aneurisms, McCain had skin cancer, OK that’s bad luck in both cases.

To try to say that it is unfair for the Republican campaign to mention what McCain went through because of Bidens tragedy is just plain silly.

McCain was put in the position he was in by attacking a heavily defended target at low altitude knowing that it was at considerable risk to himself. After capture he refused parole in order to deny the enemy a propaganda victory that could be used to break the spirit of the remaining prisoners of war, knowing that he would cop a bad time for it.

To try to make some sort of comparison between the raw courage and tenacity of John McCain, and his triumph over extreme adversity, and someone who got unlucky in the daily risks we all face is just stupidity.

Its as dumb as her “Should I worry about slavery again.” She must be old, if its 'Slavery again'.

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