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Sep 15, 2008

Debbie Lee on Clintons4McCain.

Here is another great Blogtalk radio episode from Clintons4McCain.

This one features Debbie Lee the mother of Marc Alan Lee, who was Killed in action in Iraq on 8-2-06. Marc was the first navy seal to die there. Debbie is an inspiration.

I can’t help but note the difference between Debbie and Cindy Sheehan. Debbie still of course grieves, but seems to have found comfort and commitment.

Cindy on the other hand has not managed to come to terms with it. While it is not a popular position among some of my readers, I must confess to a haunting feeling of sympathy for her. Losing a child would be a terrible thing to bear. I do however feel that the people she surrounds herself with would probably have little incentive to help her to deal with it.

In an effort to understand I looked up her son, Casey Austin Sheehan and found the following: -

Casey Austin Sheehan

In May 2000, Sheehan enlisted in the United States Army as a light-wheeled vehicle mechanic, MOS 63B. It has been reported that he may have considered enlisting as a Chaplain's assistant MOS 56M. (Sheehan had acted as an altar server during the Palm Sunday mass on the morning of his death).

Near the end of his active service, the U.S. invasion of Iraq began. Sheehan re-enlisted, knowing that his unit would be sent there. Sheehan's division, the First Cavalry Division, was sent to Iraq. On March 19, 2004, Sheehan's Battery C, 1st Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, arrived at FOB War Eagle in Sadr City. On April 4, 2004, Sheehan was killed in action after volunteering to be part of a Quick Reaction Force to rescue American troops.

He appears to be a man we should honour.

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