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Sep 14, 2008

It is OK to be a dissenter.

This is from Viv Forbes and is the prelude to what appears in the following post below. In this statement Viv points out that dissent from the ‘standard view’ is something we have a right to and in my opinion where we have reason to dissent, should do.

There is a tendency among the elitists and GW zealots to adopt a know it all attitude, “I mean Al Gore says …. .” Their arrogance tends to be offputting to many and some are seduced by an inclusiveness they adopt to those who agree with them.

Articulate argument will undermine them.

Viv is the Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition, a group fighting to get the real facts out to the community, both here and worldwide. His posts that I have put up on this site generate world wide interest. A visit to his site is always illuminating,Here is Viv: -

Once again we seek your help in distributing our subversive literature as far as possible (and thanks to those who do help).

We are faced with a media which is dominated by Warmist disciples. Some even believe that the issue is so urgent that it is something like treason to even admit there is a debate by airing dissident opinions. There are a few in the media with open minds, and even fewer rare independent thinkers who see right through the dodgy science and the hidden agendas supporting this scam.

Our parliaments too are stuffed with Warmists on both sides.

Media and politicians are followers of public opinions. The new ideas and changed opinions always come from the fringe dwellers who appear to be far from the main stream. Things change slowly for a long while because those who support the dissidents feel they are alone and fear to speak out.

The story below was sent to me by someone who got one of our releases second hand from someone else. He recounts his experience at a recent dinner party in Brisbane:

  • “At one stage during table discussion the matter of global warming and emissions trading schemes came up. I took a subdued line, but declared I was a climate cynic, not believing sufficient evidence existed to justify serious harm to our economy by introducing an ETS.
Surprise, surprise! Almost all of the people present at the table (15 in all) supported the view and declared themselves cynics also - some quite passionately! I was taken back, to say the least.

In particular, a retired scientist was strongly of the view that serious distortion of facts was occurring and on current evidence climate change was most likely cyclical in nature. He went on to discuss the great drought of early 1900's, and how the Murray River became just a series of waterholes - and that was before any major irrigation reductions from river flow. 

Anyway, Viv, I just thought I would share with you what a group of intelligent people thought of the matter.”

We have got to let people know it is OK to be a dissenter – there are a lot of us out there, many cowed into silence by baying media and hectoring politicians vying to create the scariest climate story.

Once a media person or a politician at dinner has the above experience, his opinions will start to change. We have got to change the climate of opinion from the ground up – top down does not work.

So, please help build our media pyramids in every electorate in the land. Get people talking, quietly at first and then more openly as they come to see:


More feedback:
  • I heard you on the radio this morning talking to Greg Carey on 4BC, and apart from a very scratchy line, your message landed loud and clear. So, well done you! After your conversation it was good to hear the feedback from other listeners and it now seems that people are starting to question more and more about the facts of climate change. 
  • Yesterday on The Insiders (ABC TV), I heard the PM trying to explain what is meant by emissions trading – and it was a dismal effort I have to say, probably demonstrating a lack of clear understanding himself. And the worry here is that he will more than likely feel that he has to continue down this path, so as not to appear foolish.
  • Bravo on hitting the bulls-eye - any way you look at it, the cure is worse than the disease!
Here is a bit more ammunition to fire off in all directions. This is what I like to hear:
  • Good stuff, Viv. I've sent it on to 104 of my contacts.

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