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Sep 7, 2008

Amy Holmes on Sarah Palin.

An interesting perspective from CNN, the Introduction is: -

Amy Holmes, CNN Contributor, reacts to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Named as the Historic Republican Vice Presidential pick of Senator John McCain, announced today, 88 Years almost to the day that Women Obtained the Right to Vote, also discussed is her platform on energy and Oil Drilling.


  1. Sarah Palin - The Alaska Hillbilly
    She's got a retarded kid and a
    pregnant, unwed teen-ager. Just
    add a corncob pipe and overalls
    and you've got the whole package.
    Should we send the welfare checks
    to her out of work husband???

  2. Nope. She's going to get the presidential salary very soon!

  3. Gee Anon, Its a real bastard knowing you are looking down the barrel of an electoral flogging. its no wonder you have gone off the deep end.