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Sep 7, 2008

“Planned Chaos in Energy”

This is another post by Viv Forbes of Carbon Sense. I have included most of the introductory letter as I feel it has the same relevance as the article itself.

I have cut back and summarized the actual post in the interests of space, however I recommend to those who wish to see the whole of it for themselves, go to Carbon Sense Coalition.

The Tide Turning?

All over the western world, the penny is dropping. People are coming to realise that “global warming” is a phony crisis. More slowly they are learning that the misguided policies being promoted to change future climate will create real crises in energy and food supplies and costs.

Already food prices have soared, and energy projects have been stopped or delayed. Asia, Russia and the Middle East look on in disbelief as we commit economic suicide. If this man-made crisis coincides with natural global cooling (which will cause a sudden drop in food production) the world will become a cold, selfish, hungry and unpleasant place. Not a nice legacy for our children.

The US, Germany and even UK are waking up to the danger as electoral anger on food and energy prices grows. Only the somnambulists in the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, are still insisting on nailing our people onto the Emissions Trading Cross. We have about 2 years to stop this hysteria from consuming our futures. But we must kill it stone dead.

The great danger is that Emissions Trading will be introduced, but so slowly that almost no one will notice its introduction. Compensation, exceptions and low rates of carbon tax will be combined with lots of make-believe green jobs. The costs will be there, prosperity will decline, but a whole cadre of people will be receiving subsidy bribes, or have jobs living on this scam. They will become a mercenary army of vested interests determined to maintain their artificial jobs and their legislated assets. Once it is in, we will never get it out.

We will get little help from politicians and the media, until they see the turn in the tide of public opinion. They are followers not leaders. We have to reach past the media and the politicians using our own resources. The internet and word of mouth are our media. But we need lots of people relaying the messages everywhere – media, politicians and electors.

I am amazed every time a newsletter or media release like this goes out to our growing mail list. Within 30 minutes I hear it is on web sites in Canada, US, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. And several people have already reported that they have each sent it to several hundred more. Then we start getting messages or congratulations from people we have never heard of. Please keep this ball rolling.

Preaching to the Converted.

People often ask about the futility of “preaching to the converted”. That is not what we are doing – we are “arming the disciples”. We will get little assistance from traditional media, so we have to create our own circles of correspondents. We now have a worldwide network of active organizations and web sites. And our mail lists are expanding fast.

“Planned Chaos in Energy”

by Viv Forbes, Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition.

Australian state and federal governments are today pursuing plans that must produce high prices for electricity and gas, electricity blackouts and high risks to petrol and diesel supplies.

Every proposed government energy policy seems designed to create long term energy chaos for Australians. Three foolish policies stand out:

1. The Emissions Tax Scam

The silliest energy policy of all is the whole carbon reduction program, with:
· its creation of a costly artificial emissions industry, trading in hot air,
· its taxes on power and fuel costs, and
· its mandates and subsidies for renewable energy speculations and playthings.

Without nuclear power, there is zero chance that windmills, solar panels, water power, hot rocks and ethanol stills can replace carbon fuels to power our cities, cars, factories, farms and transport fleets within the timeframe demanded by the Warmists. …….

“If we overdo wind, we are going to put up the price of electricity and that means more people will fall into the fuel poverty trap.”
Sir David King, former chief scientific adviser to the UK government.

2. Encouraging the Waste of Gas Resources. 

The next silly aspect of current energy policy is one that mandates the use of gas for base load electricity generation on the false claim that the gases produced by burning natural gas are preferable to the gases formed by burning natural coal. This is a nonsense argument – coal and gas are natural hydrocarbon products. When burnt, both carbon fuels produce the same two “greenhouse” gases (water vapour and carbon dioxide). And water in all of its forms has far more influence on climate than the tiny amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere.

These gases are not pollutants, and they do not drive climate change, but they are food and drink for all life on earth.

“CO2 causes global warming like wet roads cause rain”.

Natural gas and coal seam gas are normally too valuable to waste in base load power stations when ample coal is available for this purpose. Gas is far more valuable for chemical feedstock, peak load power stations, and for easily transportable fuel for vehicles, boats and the backyard barbecues. ………

3. Reducing Energy Security

Finally, Australia’s energy policies pose a severe threat to future energy supplies and security. In case it has escaped the notice of politicians, Australia does not run on sunbeams and sea breezes – it runs on carbon fuels – coal, petroleum products and natural gas. Every bit of food relies on diesel tractors, diesel harvesters, diesel road trains, diesel and electric locomotives, diesel trucks, diesel or electric water pumps, helicopters running on avgas and quad bikes drinking petrol.

Forestry, fishing and mineral extraction also run on carbon fuels for boats, trucks, dozers, drilling rigs, land-cruisers and electric power. The jet aircraft that power the tourist industry guzzle kerosene. The suburbs move on petrol. All are carbon fuels.

The only other proven, reliable and politically accepted energy source in Australia is hydro power. But it will not move our cars or road trains, and any expansion will be opposed by the same mob for the same reasons.

“When it comes to action over Georgia, Russia has the European Union over a barrel - in fact, over 1.2 million barrels”.

The movement of a few Russian tanks into Georgia has woken the dreamy Europeans. They suddenly see the extreme danger of their anti-coal, anti-nuclear policies, which have forced places like Germany into a heavy reliance on imported Russian oil and gas.

“This is the energy election. It will determine our future peace and prosperity. And Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has the energy answer:

Our abundant country can produce more energy at lower cost if government gets out of the way.” 

Australia could awake one morning to a similar alarm. The Middle East, Nigeria or Venezuela could erupt in one day; Russian oil and gas could be turned off overnight; one warship could block the Strait of Hormuz; or an oil tanker could go aground or be subject to terrorist attack on the Barrier Reef or at the entrance to Sydney Harbour. …..

“Britain’s ability to generate its own energy needs to be above climate change in Government Priorities”.
John Dutton, Business Secretary, UK Government

Viv Forbes
The Carbon Sense Coalition   info@carbon-sense.

Disclosure of Interest and Competency:
Viv Forbes has a degree in applied science and has worked as a rouseabout, geologist, mineral economist, public employee, company director, journalist, political gadfly and farmer. He understands both sides of the global warming debate and has experience in forecasting and computer models. He knows about carbon fuels and the carbon cycle. He has directed exploration and production of coal, oil and gas. Like Australia, he earns income from three carbon dependent industries - coal, cattle and sheep. He also uses cement, steel and electricity, buys diesel for his tractor and petrol for his car. He uses trains and occasionally boards an aeroplane. He eats carbon based foods, pays carbon fuel taxes and uses government services funded by taxes on the carbon industries. His superfund occasionally owns shares. All of these interests will be harmed by carbon taxes or carbon emissions trading. Like the great majority of Australians, he has a big vested interest in the outcome of this historic debate and its likely effect on future energy supplies and costs.

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