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Sep 30, 2008

More Obama Fascism.

Cartoon by Glenn McCoy.

PUMA has an excellent article which reinforces my post on fascism in the Obama/Democrat movement below.

The title is, “When Obama’s Brownshirts can’t do it, he sends in the lawyers…” which pretty much sums up the style of the campaign.

It first pointed to a harassment campaign against radio station WGN-AM to try to prevent them from airing an interview with David Freddoso the author of an anti-Obama book.

This was done before when the switchboard of the Tribune-owned station was inundated calls and e-mails about an hour before an Aug. 27 interview with Stanley Kurtz, a conservative writer who examined Obama's ties to former 1960s radical William Ayers. A WGN producer said Monday night's response was about the same as when Kurtz was on the station.

They then go on to mention the threat to the groups organizing the rally against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking at the UN who were warned that their tax status would be ‘looked into’ if they allowed Sarah Palin to speak at the rally after Hillary pulled out.

The latest is that Obama’s lawyer, Robert Bauer has sent notice to station managers warning them,
not to air the NRA’s new anti-Obama “Hunter” ad if they want to stay in the FCC’s (Federal Communications Commission) good graces. This is the ad involved: -

Meanwhile Gateway Pundit reports “Obama Goon Squad Shuts Down Macsmind Blog.”: -

HT Delaware Libertarian.
This is MacRanger of Macsmind. As you know I was hacked by operatives of the Obama Campaign last month. Well, it happened again. Basically they flooded the site with “sql bombs” according to the host that caused the shared server to stop running. Subsequently be had to disable the site. This had to do with running the “Obama wants to Disarm America” post which more than 2 million people viewed on the site.

This is the video they object to.

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  1. This should be a huge scandal.

    The networks need to run stories on this.