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Sep 2, 2008

Revenge is counterproductive.

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I recently posted on a prediction made by Lemuel Calhoun which was in part: -

I believe that it will only be a short time before leftist wackjobs start criticizing the Palins for being "selfish" in choosing to have a child when she was so "old". They will imply that it was her "doctrinaire pro-life extremism" which led her to allow the pregnancy to come to term making the baby a "prop" in her "anti-woman fundamentalist agenda of intolerance". 

We will be told about what a low quality of life a child with Downs Syndrome has and I wouldn't be surprised if some of the more stupid and thuggish Dim commentators start referring to the baby as a "mongoloid" (this is the kind of thing that Michael Moore does so well). …. 

I may have underestimated McCain but one literally cannot have too low an opinion of left-liberal Democrats. There is absolutely no moral depth to which they are not compelled to dive.
In agreeing with this assessment I added; “There is no depth of reprehensible, unmitigated, bastardry that these far left freaks that now run the Democratic Party will not sink to, and this may be in fact mild compared to reality.”

Well this has turned out to be horribly accurate, on day one they were alleging that that the new son was actually her daughter’s child, and there was no sign of her being pregnant before the birth. Hot air was able to produce several photos of an obviously pregnant Sarah. Its amazing what the left can’t find when they don’t want to.

Then there is the Alaskan ethics investigation into whether she abused her power in dismissing the state's public safety commissioner. This relates to the demand for action over her brother in law who threatened harm to her sister, threatened to shoot her father, used a taser on his ten year old stepson, and the list goes on. How the left can use the case of a thug like that against her is beyond belief.

OK so Bristol is pregnant, big deal. So far they are claiming McCain didn’t vet her properly, while they look for something substantial to say, other than “Why doesn’t she get an abortion?” The left idea of ‘pro choice’ only involves one particular choice.

The admission by Todd that he had a DUI conviction 22 years ago as a 22 year old is going to be tricky for the left to use, as their intellectual leader, Ted Kennedy got totally blind shitfaced drunk and drove Mary Jo Kopechne off the Dike Bridge in Chappaquiddick and left her there to die when he was 37 years old.

Anyway the reason I am bringing this up is that this is starting to make people angry to the point that they wish to retaliate, possibly against Chelsea Clinton. Revenge may seem sweet but I feel strongly that such an act would be a really bad idea, with no possible upside to it. This applies especially to Chelsea.

There is no evidence that she or either of her parents have anything to do with this, and it is extremely unlikely that they would do so.

She could in fact have some empathy for Bristol Palin in that she was under a great deal of public scrutiny at the same age. If she was at the same age as Bristol while the recent primaries were on it is a fair bet that the Obama surrogates would have attacked her, this is not about truth it is about intimidating opponents.

Unless I am missing something Chelsea Clinton comes across as a rather smart, dignified, reasonably attractive, pleasant young lady and a credit to her family. Any attack on her would not just fail, but would leave the attacker looking decidedly grubby.

The people doing this are the enemy, and those are the ones we should be discrediting. Leave families alone.

The Democratic Party is now run by the ultra far left and this is why this is happening. Jack Kennedy, LBJ, and their ilk would never have associated themselves with this type of tactic, especially attacking a candidate’s 17-year-old daughter. This is a party now where Moveon is the tail that wags the dog; those reps who are not bowing to them are genuflecting to Code Pink.

The average Democrat voter is a decent solid citizen, who must soon start to realize that the party has moved away from the ideas of its base, and must be viewing the current antics of these people with increasing disgust.

Lets present a contrast.

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