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Sep 4, 2008

Support for Bristol Palin.

Photo; John McCain embraces Bristol Palin in St Paul yesterday, looking on is her child’s father Levi Johnston. While watching Sarah speaking yesterday I noticed him standing with her and Todd Palin.

Bristol is assured of the support of her family, but in this trying time, weathering the firestorm the left has brought down on her head with all its vitriol, it must be great to have that special person in her life there to support her.

There is a joke doing the rounds at the moment.

Q. How could they have kept the Palin pregnancy out of the paper?

A. Say that John Edwards was the father!

This of course could never work, as even the NYT and WaPo could work out that Bristol Palin has too much class for John Edwards.

From Al at the Catskill Commentator comes a quote from The Corner: -

“Interesting that when John Edwards’s and Jesse Jackson’s ‘troubles’ came to light, nobody asked whether they were employing proper birth-control techniques, and, if not, why not. Those questions are reserved for the daughters of female candidates” — for the teenage daughters of female conservative candidates, I might add.

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  1. yes obviously playing happy families.But who do they think there fooling.