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Sep 7, 2008

Betty Jean King on Xtreme Radio.

I find an interesting attitude in a recent article in the NYT, “The Real ’08 Fight: Clinton v. Palin?”

Ms. Palin, the governor of Alaska and Mr. McCain’s running mate, gave the best speech of her party’s convention on Wednesday night, drawing 37 million television viewers. And she made it clear that she aimed to win over undecided women voters with her own version of the history-making, “I’m one of you” message that Mrs. Clinton employed to great effect in her fight for the Democratic nomination.

Mrs. Clinton, meanwhile, has a legacy to protect: She has no intention of turning over her “18 million cracks in the glass ceiling,” as she called her supporters, to Ms. Palin, a social conservative whose policy positions are poison in Hillaryland. What is more, Mrs. Clinton wants to be the one to make history as the first woman to win at the top of a presidential ticket, be it in 2012 or 2016.

Does this imply that Hillary or perhaps the Democratic Party has some implied ownership over the people who voted for her?

It seems to me that this represents, whether by Hillry or the author, a member of the liberal press, the sort of elitist attitude that Palin has so succinctly brought to the fore. It is most likely that Hillary is cooperating in order to be seen to do enough in order not to become the one to blame for the loss by Obama.

If Obama loses she will get blamed anyway. The DNC are not likely to start crying mea culpa, over their torpedoing of her campaign and the resultant resentment caused among her hard working and genuine supporters. It is easier and safer for them to blame her for the divisions they will claim were caused by the length of her campaign.

Hillary is in a no win situation here but probably wishes to keep her prospects alive by giving support to her opponent, Obama.

Meanwhile one of the most courageous ladies I have encountered, Betty Jean King of Puma and Nobama is to appear on ‘Xtreme Radio’ on Saturday night.

In the words of Betty Jean;
“Steve Baldwin has taken an interest in our story and has asked me to join him on his radio show 
this Saturday Night. Please show him our good manners and call in and let’s have a great 
discussion about Gov. Palin and the support she deserves from both sides of the aisle. We will not tolerate sexism against any woman from the MSM or any party from this day forward, please join
 in Saturday Night and show your support for women’s rights which are really human rights without there is no democracy.
The Palin factor,does it matter? We'll take your calls 800.345.9622.”

The announcement by the show: -

Tune in Live Saturday night: 9 PM EST

"Coming up this Saturday night at 9pm, 'Xtreme' Radio with Stephen Baldwin and Kevin McCullough will talk to women who 
still haven't decided who they will vote for, and ask the question, 'Does Gov. Sarah Palin change the equation?"

Joining us will be Betty Jean Kling who on her way home from 
the Democratic Convention, heard Senator McCain announce Gov. Palin as his running mate, and pulled a u-turn and headed straight to St. Paul Minnesota.

The Palin factor - does it matter? We'll take your calls on 
it as well - 800.345.9622.

That's Baldwin McCullough 'Xtreme' Radio every Saturday night 
at 9pm EST.
For local stations near you, or to listen online go to:

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