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Sep 5, 2008

WARs comments on Palin Speech.

This is probably one of the most stunning articles I have seen in the whole of the campaign. While many candidates will pay lip service to an opponent this article in Libertarian Republican from Wayne Allyn Root really takes the cake.

Below is the video and part of Waynes comments. For the full comments by Wayne click this link.

Hockey Mom and Hunter Leaves Two US Senators as Road kill!

By Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee Wayne Allyn Root
That should be the headline in newspapers around the world this morning. A couple of weeks ago I took off my Vice Presidential hat to act as political commentator and pundit to critique Barack Obama's V.P. choice of Joe Biden. I called it a terrible choice, a bland choice, and strategically, a failure. As a matter of fact, strategically, BOTH parties blew it. If Obama picked Hillary (and her 18 million primary votes) he would have had a good chance of sitting in the White House. But Joe who? From Dela-where? The guy known for plagiarizing his speeches?

After watching last night's Sarah Palin performance, I can only say, now, that Obama's best shot at victory is if Biden plagiarizes Palin's speech! …….

A pit bull Hockey Mom just left most of America's most gifted male politicians (and orators) dead in the middle of the road. She sliced and diced Obama, last night, like a wood chipper. Obama's political career is lying in pieces, in a ravine somewhere in Alaska- with snowmobile tracks leading from the carnage.

Palin's line about a “community organizer” being about the same as a small town Mayor...”except the mayor has responsibilities” was a hockey puck to Obama's groin. Then, she finished Barack off, by referring to his fake Greek columns being carted back to Hollywood. Ouch! I could hear every guy in Middle America screaming in laughter. With one line she emasculated Barack's entire fake career. Then, the hunter shot him once more for good measure with the line about Obama saying nice things to small town America to their faces...then badmouthing them when he's back in San Francisco. Did the body move on that last shot? Or was he already finished off? Hard to tell. ……..

She not only sliced, diced and embarrassed her political opposition, she defeated the entire media elite and the “Beltway Insiders.” She left them all gasping for air, on their knees, pleading for mercy from the professional huntress. Palin's speech was a verbal fusillade to the imaginary heart of every elite liberal snob in America.

“The great community organizer” is on life support this morning wondering if anyone got the license plate of that Hockey Mom. …….

From one S.O.B. (son of a butcher), small town boy, street-fighter, small businessman, home-school dad and citizen politician…to another- Congratulations Sarah for serving notice to the Hollywood, Manhattan and D.C. pompous, snobby elite class that it's time for real change. I'll see you in Washington D.C.

Somehow, I think, from this moment on, things will never be the same. Real Americans have served notice: we are taking back America. And, to the Obamas and Bidens and old school boys, I say- “be afraid, be very afraid!”

Note - Wayne Root is the Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee on the Libertarian Presidential ticket of Bob Barr/Wayne Root. His web site is:


  1. Root's awesome, and hopefully he and Barr come back to the GOP oneday and push it even further in the right direction. Heck, after Palin it might just happen!

    And here's another maverick, pork-busting libertarian-republican on Palin.

    As good friend of McCain and also hailing from Arizona, I think McCain owes it to him to bring him also to the national spotlight. I floated it around a bit that he would have also have been a good VP pick. A position in McCain's cabinet would go down really well.

    Time to out all phony, undisciplined Republicans and conservatives, and in with more Reagan/Goldwater libertarians!

  2. Thanks for that Alex, you come up with some great stuff, I don't seem to have the knack with finding stuff on youtube, you're a great help.

    I have had a long day and a late one, so I'll get on to this tomorrow.

    I have respected Jeff Flake for a long time.