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Sep 11, 2008

Sarah Palin scares Matt Damon.

Poor Matt, you can actually see in this video that he is a bit frightened but I think it is mostly the thought of his man getting a flogging that’s doing it. I tend to see more abject disappointment in this.

He vents his disgust at Palin being picked for political purposes, and he has a point here. Palin is a Republican.

He is also worried that she might end up facing down Putin. Well Matt, if she does my moneys on her.

HT Blogs for John McCain.

If you needed another reason to vote for McCain / Palin, actor and Hollywood elitist Matt Damon gives it to you in comments he made about Gov. Sarah Palin. Damon, it turns out, is "terrified" by Palin, as I'm sure many other Hollywood types are. After all - they have invested too much in The Messiah, assuming he would cakewalk to victory on November 4.

Now that it appears he has a fight on his hands, they are "terrified" by a former "small town" mayor, hockey mom and Governor of Alaska. His condescension is palpable in the video, even as he supports a candidate who has ZERO executive experience for President. Damon is a total moron. Hopefully, many other of his ilk will dismiss and disrespect Gov. Sarah Palin. It adds votes to her column every time they do.


  1. As opposed to that other guy experienced, who will be IMMEDIATELY facing down Putin?

  2. Bah, I need to go back to bed. I meant, "that other really (sic)experienced guy".