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Dec 10, 2009

Green Hypocrites Flock to Copenhagen.

By Viv Forbes.

Cartoon by McCoy.

Right now, over 15,000 green hypocrites, mostly funded by suffering taxpayers, have winged their way in comfortable carbon-fuelled air travel to Copenhagen’s best VIP accommodation. There they will be seeking ways to forcibly reduce our carbon footprint while inflating theirs.

Top rated airlines are booming as important people top up their frequent flyer carbon credits. Concierges are smiling as limousines glide in, full of important people with their entourage of minders, media and courtiers. Lights are blazing, air conditioners humming, kitchens cooking, champagne bubbling and caviar disappearing. The Global Warming Industry will also be there, creating scares, drowning polar bears, melting ice, generating publicity, demanding handouts, seeking exemptions, defending paper credits, and pushing for subsidies and special deals. And of course we will have battalions of largely gullible and fawning media, many also touring on the tab of the tax payers.

There is no way that 15,000 people will draft an agreement. That will be drafted in a back room. Right now the Evil Empire exposed by Climategate will be secretly plotting how to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in Copenhagen.

For the full story of the Green Hypocrites swamping Copenhagen see:

Here is our suggestion to the Gallivanting Green Geese of Copenhagen –

“Use green energy and WALK HOME.”

Reducing Carbon Footprints – Trim Government

Every day governments exhort us to cut our consumption of everything.

Let them practice what they preach.

For a start let us see all overseas travel by politicians banned, and all public servant travel stopped. Maybe readers can suggest other ways in which our governments can cut their unproductive carbon footprint.

Who is adjusting Australian Temperature Records? Which ones and why?

We have already discovered that many rural temperature records in Australia show no increases for about 100 years. See:

The increases occur in big cities and are caused not by a trace amount of invisible gas in the atmosphere, but by millions of warm blooded human beings with their heat producing stoves, vehicles and machines.

Climategate alerted us to the fact that the Global Warming Priesthood has been adjusting and manipulating the data. Surprise, surprise, most of the adjustments result in creating the appearance of more warming. New Zealand has discovered unexplained heating adjustments. And now Australia is in the spotlight.

Look at the state of temperature records for Darwin.

What do we do now?

The Alarmists running Climategate and the vested interests supporting them will never surrender, so they must be destroyed.

There are four battlefields:

The Science – this is what no one wants to discuss, because it is their area of greatest weakness. But it is the key. Insisting on truth in science and real evidence will destroy the whole basis for any action on innocent carbon dioxide.

The Philosophy – do we support a free decentralised society or do want to live in a world run out of Brussels/Delhi/Washington which demands taxes on everything we do, and controls on every aspect of our lives. 

The Costs and Unexpected Consequences. This whole scam will do nothing for the environment or energy conservation, but will make all of our lives less secure, less prosperous, and more boring.

The Policies. This is easy. Humans have not and cannot control the climate; neither can an ETS or a carbon tax. Look after the environment, make sure prices are allowed to ration scarce resources, abolish all the wasteful green subsidies, defend consumers, workers, taxpayers and shareholders and ignore all the screams from bankers, brokers, vested interests and the Climate Change gravy train.

We cannot do everything at once, but every one of us can do something at once. Politics is a numbers game, so every one of us must be looking outward into the electorate. No good battering the same people week after week. We must all seek new disciples. Keep sowing the seeds.

Back to “Green Jackboots” – Isn’t that a Bit extreme, Viv?

Finally, for those who may think our Green Jackboots quote is a bit unlikely, have a look at this:

“This document represents yet another smoking gun proving that the climate cult movement is all about expanding the power of a dictatorial, unelected global government, diluting powers of nation states, seizing control of the global economy, eviscerating the middle class with a raft of new regulations and laws, and shutting down industry with impossible CO2 reduction mandates, while erecting environmentalism, which is really a thin veil for global fascism, as the new universal religion.

This has nothing to do with saving the earth and, as the Climategate scandal has illustrated, nothing to do with the real science – but everything to do with a relatively small clique of globalists running roughshod over humanity itself in pursuit of their Malthusian control freak agenda.”

Remember the cruel and sadistic zeal of the Mao’s Red Guards and the Hitler Brown Shirts.

Gore’s Green Guards are coming.

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