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Dec 22, 2009

Rand Paul keeps up the heat.

I posted earlier this month on Rand Paul and his efforts to secure the Kentucky Senate seat and I usually don’t follow up this quickly, but I have to post this interview with Glen Beck as it gives a great insight into the quality of the candidate. He is ahead in the polls and his fundraising seems to be going well given he set a target of $2 million and is standing at over $1.7 million now.

The strength of the popular backlash against government spending, especially the Tea Party movement is going to make 2010 a very bad year for a lot of incumbents and establishment politicians and a few more candidates like Rand will make a lot of difference to the shape of America in years to come:

This is another clip of a speech at Logan where he defines his objectives and explains the origins of the governments ability to thumb its nose at the constitution.

We could be seeing the beginnings of a new movement among the youth of America that may if successful turn the current political status quo on its head. It seems that the young adults of the country are starting to realize who will be picking up most of the tab for the excessive spending that is going on and are starting to feel betrayed by Obama and the Democrats. Libertarisn Republican has a post dealing with this.

Update: Public Policy Polling puts Paul ahead of Grayson by, 44% - 25%.


  1. His father can be justly proud. What a legacy to pass on - fantastic.

    Obama : Change you can believe in

    At this stage I guess the Obamites only have the believing part left. Oh wait, that's all they started with.

    In 2008, there were the beginnings of widespread revulsion of business-as-usual leading to weak calls for voting out of incumbents to the extent of replacing red with blue and vice versa. I think such calls will gain a lot of strength in 2010 election, thanks to the Obama non-change. Personnaly, I like politicians to do as little as possible, but there is definite need for roll back of bureaucratic predations on liberty.

    I note that recently the Supreme Court upheld previous Bush era rulings on stripping "enemy combatants" of habeus corpus, thanks to special pleading by none other than the Obama administration.

    Another one to watch is Peter Schiff, Ron Paul's economic adviser during Ron's candidacy in the republican primaries.

  2. Welcome to my site Keith. I am noticing quite a few candidates of interest and am noting a dramatic change in sentiment across the whole spectrum.

  3. I'm a conservative Kentuckian supporting Bill Johnson for Senate. Rand Paul is bad for Kentucky.

  4. Well I doubt your claim that Rand is bad for Kentucky, but your candidate seems OK. Good luck.