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Dec 21, 2009

Turnbull on “reckless" climate realism.

Cartoon; Bill Leak.

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of drought and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror
The wide brown land for me!
- Dorothea Mackellar. (1904 prior to "GW droughts.")

Malcolm Turnbulls latest rant reminds me of a story my father brought home from a meeting when I was young. The people were discussing the current (at that time) drought, when old Mrs. McLennan piped up with, “When the Good Lord was in charge of the weather everything was good, but since the government took it off Him and gave it to that Lennox Walker (long range weather forecaster) we have had nothing but droughts, droughts, and more droughts.”

Malcolm was leader of what passed in Australia for an opposition until it was realized that he couldn’t seem to find any issues to disagree with the government on. When there was disquiet in the ranks he was able to argue successfully that under his leadership an early election would be a disaster for them. Laborals is a pretty good name to cover the two major parties here but it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as Republicrats in the US. Since Malcolm lost the leadership he has kept pushing the cause of the GW alarmists.

Malcolm was managing director and later a partner of Goldman Sachs one of those financial institutions having wet dreams at the thought of what sort of derivatives market could arise from the Rudd ration and tax scheme (RATS). He was also chairman of Axiom Forest Resources, which conducted logging in the Solomon Islands described as a clear-felling operation, and threatened with being closed down for constant breaches of logging practices by the Solomon Islands government. God, does this guy have green credentials or what?

Anyway Mal recons that, “It’s reckless to be a skeptic on global warming.” “Living on the Earth’s driest and hottest continent, we are already seeing the harsh impact of climate change with devastating droughts, heat waves and bush fires,” he says. Droughts are hardly a new phenomenon as the following indicates, (note the Brisbane Courier article article on preceding droughts):

The drought periods of 1895–1903 (the so-called ‘Federation drought’), 1958–68, 1982–83 and 1991–95 were the most devastating in terms of their extent and effects on primary production.

The remaining major droughts occurred in 1864–66 (and 1868), 1880–86, 1888, 1911–16, 1918–20 and 1939–45. In this same period, several droughts of lesser severity caused significant losses over large areas of some states. They occurred in 1922–23 and 1926–29, 1933–38, 1946–49, 1951–52, 1970–72, 1976 and 1997–2000.

We have a great tradition of a current drought being worse than any of those before it; a fact the press likes to harp on since the GW agenda hit the headlines. To affected people what they are suffering now is naturally seen as worse than their memories of the last one since the good times have been and gone.

Heat waves and bush fires are nothing new and were seen as part of the landscape long before Al Gore. A great deal of the impact of recent bush fires has been found to be exacerbated by green opposition to fuel reduction burning, and clearing firebreaks around dwellings.

Turnbull agrees with me on one thing though when he says, “But this debate is not just about cost. It is turning into an ideological, perhaps theological, issue where faith replaces reason and prejudice pragmatism.” Climategate has proven that, especially given that he and his fellow alarmists are still pursuing their agenda after many of the scientific methods used in this scam have been exposed.

It is little wonder that the Liberals have been confused and somewhat disorientated under his leadership given his lack of understanding of the basics of free enterprise demonstrated here:

“If Mr Abbott were a leftist you could understand his reluctance for market-based mechanisms for putting a price on carbon. After all, the whole point of emissions trading is that it allows industries to choose the best means of abating their emissions.”

Only an extreme leftist could even begin to imagine that a totally government tax based price imposition on all Australian businesses and households is in some ways “market based” because they will allow the victims to trade part of their ration cards.


  1. I don't know, Jim. The CRU says there were never any droughts, heat waves, or brush fires in the entire history of the planet until the time of the Industrial Revolution. Their figures and graphs, they say, are impeccable despite the crayon marks, White-Out, and complete lack of references.

  2. CRU reminds me of a cartoon I saw recently which had Obama addressing a patient in emergency saying,"You need immediate treatment? The spin doctor will see you now."

  3. Yep! Eventually the truth seeps through. Check out the message from Jesus Christ, libertarian:

  4. CP you have an interesting site there. I didn't take much interest in Christianity until I moved to libertarian thought, read The Mainspring of Human Progress and started to understand what it was really all about. Unfortunately it has also made me more inclined to disagree with many of the churches.