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Dec 21, 2009

Peter Spencer, property rights update.

Cartoon by Nicholson.

Quadrant Online is one of the best online journals I have encountered over the years, giving fearless commentary on the issues of the day such as net censorship, global warming, oops I mean climate change, politics, and many others including in this case property rights.

Justin Jefferson was one of those who visited the Spencer property, or what’s left of it after the government’s depredations. The occasion was the visit to Peter by Senator Barnaby Joyce which by rights should have given the issue press coverage and brought it to the attention of the public at large. Unfortunately when Senator Joyce failed to fall off the tower the press lost interest and failed to notice anything else of interest, it seems one of the prerequisites for journalism is a short attention span.

Here is part of Justins report:

… Peter Spencer is demanding the Australian government pay fair compensation to him and all Australian property-holders whose property rights were taken without compensation pursuant to the Kyoto Protocol. He also demands a Royal Commission into the way governments acquired those property rights, because it seems to have been deliberately intended to, and did, subvert the constitutional protection against the unjust acquisition of property.

Why is Spencer directing his fire at the Federal government, since it was the State government, through the Native Vegetation Act (NVA) that passed the laws restricting farmers use-rights? The answer is because the Federal government moved the States for, benefited from, and paid them to make these unjust acquisitions.

The Commonwealth decided to meet its Kyoto Protocol targets to reduce so-called greenhouse gas emissions by restricting farmers’ land use across Australia. Farmers made an easy target compared to power stations or other emitters.
Under the Australian Constitution, if the Commonwealth wants to acquire a person’s property, it must do so on ‘just terms’, i.e. pay fair compensation. Since land-use rights form part of the equity of a property, the taking of those rights, and vesting the control and benefit of them in government bodies, is in effect a compulsory acquisition of property rights. …

Coveting private property, but not wanting to pay for it, what did the Feds do? They got the States to take it instead. Unlike the Federal Constitution, State Constitutions (except one) contain no provision for the payment of fair compensation for the taking of property. NSW legislation requires it, but the NSW State simply overrode that with ordinary legislation, smacking of rule by decree. …

Using the Commonwealth Natural Heritage Trust of Australia Act the Commonwealth gave NSW $1.2 billion, that it got from the sale of Telstra, for their part in stealing billions of dollars worth of other people’s property.
So Mr Spencer’s case is this. He can’t sue the Commonwealth because, though they sponsored the acquisitions of property, acquired the benefit for their purposes, and are constitutionally liable to pay compensation, they didn’t actually do the deed themselves.

And then he can’t sue the State because, although they acquired his property rights, they aren’t legally liable to pay for it. …

If you want someone to grow beef, or wheat, or tomatoes on their property, you don’t pass a law making it a criminal offence to grow something else. If there is a social need for a person’s property, which is to be forcibly acquired, then society needs to pay for it. But if society can’t afford to pay, then it can’t afford to have it and is not entitled to it. …
Definitely worth following up.


  1. Mr. Fryar,

    If you have an opportunity to purchase a book titled "Intellectual Morons: How Smart People Fall For Stupid Ideas" by Daniel Flynn, please do so. Flynn has a chapter about Peter Singer along with other intellectually bankrupt eggheads such as Noam Chomsky, Gore Vidal, Paul Ehrlich, Howard Zinn and others who have contributed to the fall of academia.

    Amazon has the book:

    As a regular reader of your blog, I think you will enjoy this book immensely.

  2. Please disregard above comment. This is what I get for posting before my first cup of coffee, and half reading articles with sleepy eyes.

  3. Glad to see you over here anyway. The book sounds interesting.

    I tend to have the opposite problem doing posting late at night, and having to amend stuff in the morning.

  4. I am also a big fan of quadrant. I totally agreed with Peter. The person whose land is acquired by govt. should be fairly compensated.