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Dec 9, 2009

Peter Spencer and Property rights.

Owing to the MP4 format being in the on position when opening I have had to drop it from this post. The actual interview can be found here.

This is an an interview by Allan Jones with Peter Spencer who is staging a hunger strike over his treatment by the Australian government. Governments were initially instituted in free societies in order to protect the rights to life, liberty, and property of the citizens. This has effectively been overturned here and elsewhere to the point where the state has assumed the power to be the violator in chief.

Peter has effectively been denied the right to use his land by the Rudd government in order for its use by the government as a carbon sink under the Kyoto protocol. No compensation has been awarded for this loss and Peter has effectively been left in limbo in the vast never never of the Australian legal/political system.

Supporting him is the renowned Barrister Peter King, a leading defender of property rights in this country. Peter was the Member for Wentworth until Malcolm Turnbull slithered into his seat amid branch stacking allegations to eventually become the most ineffective opposition leaders in history until dumped. Since then he has concentrated on undermining the current leader.

Peter has a supporters group on Agmates where more information is available including transcripts and background.

For overseas readers Darryl Kerrigan was the hero in the rather amusing Aussie movie "The Castle," about a 'little guy' who takes on the corporate interests who are attempting to take his house and wins. A clip of it can be seen here.

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