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Dec 10, 2009

Kevin Rudd, Climate Change Hypocrite.

Image: The peoples Cube.

Kevin Rudd, the man who sees himself as the savior of the world from climate change appears to be in reality the very antithesis of what he claims to represent. The man who is rushing off to Copenhagen to stiffen up the resolve of the world in relation to global warming would if he were serious keep his carbon footprint down to a minimum if he were serious about it. Instead he is taking one of the largest groups of hangers on of any leader attending.

Instead of the few advisors he might need he is taking a delegation of more than 100 public servants, advisors, and assorted tax eaters including his own photographer,(you never know when you will need one of them). Haven’t these people ever heard of the net or video conferencing? Hell hey could do it from 5 star hotels here and save a shitload of emissions if they were serious about it. But then they aren’t.

In effect Rudd will be pumping out around 500 tons of CO2 to prance about the world stage with about as much prestige as the Mayor of Dogpatch in a limo.

While we will no doubt hear stories of how the emissions from this conference with its official estimates of attendees varying from over 20,000 to 33,000 will be mitigated, the fact remains that if these people really meant it they would use less extravagant means to achieve their ends.

But I guess I am missing the point here, they can afford to do this, after all we are the ones picking up the tab for this.

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