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Dec 18, 2009

Senator Joyce visits Peter Spencer; Rudds dirty little secret sees light of day.

In something of a coup for Peter Spencer, who has been on a hunger strike for 26 days and his supporters Senator Barnaby Joyce is at the moment on his way to meet him at The Tower of Hope. For those who are unaware of just what Peter is enduring in his fight for compensation over government theft of his land, this video gives some idea:

Agmates is currently reporting that the media are out in force, and will be posting live updates:

I will be posting "live" updates throughout the day of the great "Saarhnlee Muster" as Politicians, Media and concerned Australians from at least 3 states are all trekking to Peter on his 5,000 foot mountain top. The world is beating a path to him on the "Tower of Hope."

How symbolic - Peter after 26 days - on a 2 metre platform -10 metres up on what has been christened by his rapidly growing supporter base - "The Tower of Hope" - its symbolic because its situated on the highest piece of privately owned property in Australia and for almost a month he's been on his own, totally ignored by politicians, media, fellow farmers, farm organizations and the world.

But thanks to Peters courage and the work of his supporters, today all of that changes - what we are witnessing here today is the power of courage and conviction over all obstacles. The power of one mans dream backed by massive action, courage and commitment.

Peters dream is for Australia to become a fair country once gain - that dream is proving to be incredibly infectious.
Senator Joyce has called on the government to negotiate with Peter, who believes farmers should be compensated by governments over opportunities lost through the imposition of laws protecting vegetation from clearing. He also accused of being in Copenhagen creating some new cargo cult and organising agreements where we help out Mugabe and Hugo Chavez, while our own farmers, are picking up the tab for this."

Joyce has said, “You have two options. If you can't compensate them, you should be handing it back to them."

This has resulted in an attack by Labors Lindsay Tanner with:
The government yesterday savaged the opposition finance spokesman as unfit for office after he backed the case of a hunger striker demanding $100 billion in taxpayer compensation for farmers for lost land-clearing rights.
Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner also demanded the opposition explain how scrapping land-use laws would affect Tony Abbott's promise to address climate change through direct action on land use.
Note the blatant dishonesty of this claim. Tanner states that the statement was strictly “scrapping land-use laws” while pretending that this was the only option presented. This is no surprise as Rudd is being blatantly dishonest with the following:

Mr Rudd, in Copenhagen to attend the climate conference, had not responded and told journalists in Denmark he was not aware of the Spencer protest, (despite the fact The Land emailed his office for a response last week).

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