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Dec 28, 2009

Legislation 3 sheets in the wind style.

H/t Libertarian Republican.

These guys are among those who pass all of those regulations about our health and safety, seat belts, no talking on mobiles at the wheel, etc but here is US Senator Baucus doing the legislating while pissed as a newt and talking fluent shorthand, or perhaps Braille.

I guess the shit he would have gotten into with his wife over trying to appoint his bit on the side to a top position at the Attourney Generals office may have some bearing on it, or maybe this is just his normal legislative style.


  1. Perhaps he somehow still retains a tiny spark of conscience and has to be constantly drunk in order to live with himself? Worked for Teddy K for decades. Although I don't Ted even had that last little glimmer of conscience.

    Recall petition for his ouster is in the works in Montana.

  2. The press are now claiming that he was only tired, perhaps as tired as a newt.