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Dec 18, 2009

Message for Copenhagen - "Open your eyes to the Green Energy Lessons in Europe".

By Viv Forbes of Carbon Sense.

“Although Germany’s promotion of renewable energies is commonly portrayed
in the media as setting a “shining example in providing a harvest for the
world” (The Guardian 2007), we would instead regard the country’s experience as a cautionary tale of
massively expensive environmental and energy policy that is devoid of economic and environmental benefits.”

Green Energy – some lessons from Europe

While the Rudd climate regiment is stuck in Copenhagen, achieving not much, they should look beyond their posh hotel for some lessons in energy generation.

First, slip over to France and note how these wily promoters of carbon rationing rely on nuclear power for 76% of their own energy.

Then visit UK and observe the frenzied construction of coal mines and nuclear power stations to prevent future blackouts caused by UK’s silly dalliance with costly and unreliable wind farms.

Don’t miss out on Spain where the cost of subsidising green energy has created a financial crisis and destroyed 2.2 real jobs for every green job “created”.

They could also visit Scandinavia, which relies heavily on hydro power, or Iceland, where geothermal power is easily harnessed. No wonder these countries are relaxed about imposing carbon Ration-N-Tax Schemes on the rest of us.

A quick trip to Moscow could reveal how the cunning Russians, despite their well known scepticism about the west’s thermo-mania, have managed to trick Europe into buying huge quantities of gas together with the millions of emissions permits needed to burn it. Boris loves the ETS.

Just next door in Germany, Minister Wong could find out how the Greens have left Germany dangerously reliant on Russian gas. The German gamble with alternate energy has produced little power and no environmental benefits at great cost.

Finally, without leaving Copenhagen, Mr Rudd could easily discover how the forests of Danish windmills have produced little useful power and large financial losses for the suffering Danes. Freezing Copenhagen is heated mainly by imported electricity.

The Chinese however are happy with “Green Energy Europe” – they are busy manufacturing most of the world’s solar panels and wind turbines, emitting much carbon dioxide in the process.

This short European trip will illustrate the stupidity of Australia promoting a carbon Ration-N-Tax Scheme and dreaming that we can maintain our industry and our lifestyle on costly and totally unreliable alternate energy sources like wind and solar.

Nature Snows on the global warming circus in Copenhagen

The Gore Effect strikes again.

Hundreds of people demonstrated and complained outside the meeting hall in Copenhagen yesterday at having to wait for up to ELEVEN HOURS IN THE FREEZING COLD, to get into the meeting to complain about GLOBAL WARMING!


45,000 people were trying to get into a room with capacity of 15,000. Sounds like CRU at East Anglia did the counting.

Gutter Tactics from the IPCC – Scare the Children.

Watch this unbelievable horror video shown at the opening for the Copenhagen Climate Change Circus:

This illustrates the lengths and depths to which the individuals behind this movement are prepared to descend.

One hundred reasons why global warming is natural
The Daily Mail lists 100 reasons:

The tide has turned with the public, and the media has sensed it. But the thermo-maniacs will not give up easily. They are close to their fond goal of putting the western world in chains to fund the biggest redistribution of wealth the world has ever seen. The whole scam is about as honest as a porno magazine with a picture of mother Teresa on the cover.

Free Sex at Gropinhagen
Now we know why so many world leaders have decided to attend after all!

New Climate Consensus – Global Warming is caused by rising US postal charges.
Here is a correlation better than the temperature vs carbon dioxide correlation supporting Al Gore’s Thermo-mania – global warming is driven by US postal charges.

Twelve days at CarbonHagen

For those who missed it here is "The 12 Days of Global Warming at CarbonHagen:

Thriving WITH Nature and Humanity
The genuine environment and conservation movement is one of the most important social movements on Earth. Yet, its credibility is endangered by confused and fearful politicians, alarmist activists, sensationalist media and prominent extremists with financial conflicts of interest.

Today we hear constant messages about the changing climate and the dire consequences that may have for our beautiful planet. Hearing loud, contradictory accusations and predictions of planetary doom you may feel confused about what and who to believe. Supposed experts disagree on both what is happening to our planet and the causes of what is happening. Yet we’re told there is universal agreement global warming was caused by humans…

It’s clear our climate, including temperatures, continually varies. Examination of this ongoing variation becomes alarm when doom is predicted from the presence of humans on Earth. Many people feel powerless and immobilised which only deepens their mix of confusion, desperation, apathy and panic…

You may think global warming needs to be treated as seriously as pollution yet they’re actually different issues and we should be even more concerned about the core issue - climate alarm. That’s because throughout human history actions driven by fear produced solutions far worse than the initial perceived problem.

The above are extracts from a masterful paper by Malcolm Roberts. See the full paper here.

Finally, Is the Earth Warming or Cooling? It depends.
See Bob Carter on the GW hoax:


  1. Even with the MSM suppression, I wish all this stuff had come out a couple of months ago. The eco-rats in Copenhagen have too much invested to flee this sinking ship...yet. If Carbonhagen stalls out, the whole thing will start to die a well-deserved death. If they get their agenda passed, it will never go away no matter how much real science it is subjected to.

  2. in the early stages information was difficult to come by, although the hockey stick was almost immediately discredited. After this it was difficult to get the information out there but over the latter years people have started looking to the net for information.

    Gradually as more people became aware of reality the issue started opening up at an accelerated rate and after Climategate the floodgates opened.

    It seems that the 'agreement' from the conference is really a non binding sham to give the likes of Obama, Rudd, and the Europeans a 'peace in our time' piece of paper to wave as they and their massive entourages get off their jets.

    A sort of politicians version of the "Every child gets a prize" award.