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Dec 10, 2009

“Green New World.”

Cartoon: by William Warren.

“I have seen the future, Malcolm. Imagine a Green Jackboot, stamping on a human face, forever.” - With acknowledgment and apologies to George Orwell, and “1984”.

Green New World still Threatens

By Viv Forbes.

Firstly, Climate Realists have won a big and symbolic victory in Canberra with the rejection by the Australian Senate of the Turnbull/Rudd Ration-N-Tax Scheme.

Who won this victory? Victory has many parents, while defeat is an orphan. Many people helped. Malcolm Turnbull helped by advertising his dedication to philosophies and principles not supported by Liberal members and voters. Dedicated and principled politicians like Steve Fielding, Barnaby Joyce, Dennis Jensen, Cory Bernardi, Nick Minchin and many others turned the tide in parliament. Kevin Andrews and Tony Abbott recognised that decisive action was needed to save the Liberal Party. Seeds sown over years by “Carbon Sense”, the Climate Sceptics, most of the minor political parties and many others suddenly sprouted. Then the Climategate excrement hit the fan and suddenly the media discovered that the “Global Warming Consensus” was dead. The internet ran so hot that even the government media was forced to notice.

Dramatically, the Liberal Party split, Turnbull was deposed and the Ration-N-Tax Scheme was rejected.

However, this is just one battle in a continuing war. Rudd will reintroduce the Rudd/Turnbull bill in January and the Ruddites and Turnbullites will support it. There is still a grave danger that enough watermelon liberal senators will defect to see it passed. A major effort is required by us in January.

Thanks to all those who have sent messages of appreciation to the Carbon Sense Coalition – so many, in fact, that many of them have not received an answer and our inbox is still overflowing. We read them all, but please forgive us if we do not answer them all.

Our Imperfect Allies – Choose the Least Worst

In the excitement of the Liberal Party upheaval and the victory of Tony Abbott, many believed that the war was over, that we can all go back to the beach or the farm, and that life will be good again.

I have never believed that. The battle that started with Plato and Aristotle will never end. In essence it is always a battle between collectivism and freedom, between centralisation and diversification, between central planning and decentralised planning, between state enterprise and private enterprise, between high taxes and low taxes, between democracy and dictatorship. Remember the great Russian, Solzhenitsyn, who observed:

“Democracies are Islands in the immense river of history. The water is always rising.”

If we fight hard we will gain enough space, freedom and prosperity for our grandchildren to live full lives. Then they will have to fight another battle on another issue. The water is always rising.

Despite the great result in the Senate, some of our supporters are disheartened by the fact that the hopes engendered by the Abbott victory have been dashed already by his backpedalling on whether humans cause global warming, and by the retention of alarmists and green energy incompetents in his shadow cabinet.

We need to remember that the world is not black and white. It is black and dirty grey, and we must always choose the least worst option. To defeat Nazism in the 1940’s we were forced to tolerate an alliance with Bolshevism. It may even be that to defeat the ETS we may need the support of some Greens who are unhappy with “Wong Lite”.

Accept any ally but maintain your own integrity and consistency.

We need to use any legal tactic and accept any ally to stall for time. We need time for the growing public anger, concern and scepticism to spread; time for the realities of natural climate change to be asserted; and time for the real costs and dangers of the Ration-N-Tax Scheme to become obvious.

Make no mistake. Once any form of an emissions trading scheme weasels its way onto the law books, there will immediately be created fake paper assets in Emission Permits and Offset Credits, as well as a huge vested interest industry trading credits and benefitting from scams like the renewable energy mandates. The power of these concentrated vested interests in resisting repeal of their legislative protection racket will always defeat the diffuse and decentralised voices of the consumers, tax payers and shareholders who will pay the bills.

We may not be offered the choice between an ETS or no ETS. For example, we may face the choice of supporting an ETS or an increased carbon tax (we already have substantial carbon taxes on coal and oil). In that case, a carbon tax surcharge may be the least worst option, mainly because it is the most honest, has the fewest side effects, and will be the easiest to root out later. All are bad but some are more bad than others.

We are not responsible for the integrity or consistency of our allies. Make sure we maintain our own integrity and logic, but choose and support the least worst option and oppose and expose the worst option.

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