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Oct 21, 2009

Media bias and Bastardry part 38,463,421.

If anybody is in any doubt about bias on the good ol government channel, the ABC, ("You didn't ask for it, but we know you can't do without it even if you are too stupid to realize it,) just watch this.


  1. Alex; the parties over here, are the Labor Party, which is liberal in some senses, - profligate borrowing and spending, union control, regulated industry and so on.

    On the Conservative side we have the Liberal Party which pursues profligate borrowing and spending, strong regulation of industry and legislative control of most human activity etc and the National Party which favors profligate borrowing and spending, free enterprise with strong controls on production, distribution and exchange through state and federal marketing boards and legislative control of most human activity. (Some cynics tend to refer to them as agrarian socialists.)

    Sometimes this seems a little confusing to someone on the outside looking in, but we locals understand the differences although it is sometimes a little confusing for us as well.

    We tend to love our Barnaby as he tends to buck the system and stand up for his principles even though those principles are somewhat confusing. He is something like that lovable crazy uncle we all seem to have, you know, the one we tend to avoid talking about.

  2. Hi Jim. I hope you didn't misconstrue what I said as to having any sort of malice. I know Barnaby quite well. For the record, I'm Aussie aswell (yes, I'm the same Alex that has posted here for quite a while).

    My quip at him had more to do with his nanny state favourings and yes, agrarian socialism (a term he himself has stated that he does not mind being associated with). In the Costello Memoirs, it's author noted that Barnaby voted against some of the economic reforms that the previous government implemented (giving him the spotlight in the media as the Maverick) and took credit for them later on. As a libertarian myself, there is a bit in that bag that I couldn't bring my self to support.

    All things aside, the man deserves all the credit he can get for opposing the government's fascist Emissions Trading Scheme. He would definetly make a better opposition leader than Warmbull.

  3. Sorry Alex; I occasionally get another Alex from over the other side of the Pacific. Actually I didn't see any malice in it, I just tend to find him somewhat confusing in his stance.

    He has a site on the Agmates website where i sometimes join in with generally contrarian views, but in the main I am generally happy that there is someone there to contest Turnbulls idiotic views and be an opposition.

    Personally I feel that in the long term the Nationals have been bad for Australian agriculture as they have tended to make it reliant on protectionism to its detriment over the years. Having been a farmer a fair while ago I tended to find that they were somewhat insular in outlook and inclined to rely too much on state marketing arrangements to deal with their products instead of seeking better alternatives which might give them a competitive edge.