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Oct 21, 2009

Ration and Tax; the green road to fascism.

The last posting here was “Puppets in Parliament and Pay-offs on the Road to Carbonia” by Viv Forbes from Carbon Sense and included the following:

Those calling for “certainty” are mainly the voices of vested interests, and they expect a pay-off.

Some are already celebrating the pay-offs to come.

For example, the “Carbon Market Expo” to be held on the Gold Coast in October 2009 boasts, “more than 70 businesses will exhibit at the expo”. They include bankers, brokers, carbon asset managers, carbon investment managers, carbon accounting firms, carbon management firms, carbon consultants and auditors, carbon control consultants, emissions trading forums, carbon rewards groups, tree technology consultants, green fleet firms, carbon credit offset suppliers, carbon forest service companies, carbon certifiers and verifiers, carbon registries, carbon market infrastructure providers, recruitment firms, R&D advisers, PR firms, engineering contractors, University academics, carbon market advisers and of course all the federal, state and even local “climate smart” bureaucracies and their well traveled staff. …

So it appears that without the legislation being in place yet, we have a blood-sucking bunch of spiv industries all seeking to capitalize on what the government intend to do, or at least the expectation of it. Many of these could not survive in a free market or would be niche industries, but with the promise of compulsion by the state they are looking forward to a bright future at our expense.

The very survival of most depend on their ability to push the governments for the “right” as they see it to force us to use their “products,” which are in reality an arse covering fraud based on the perception that in the face of dubious and disputed science, political parties will adopt the policy of needing to be seen to do something. Turnbull has already stated as much with his remark that the Liberal Party will lose all credibility unless it negotiates with the government on the ration and tax legislation.

On the basis of this, these shysters are asking that we be handed over to them, not because we wish to deal with them but because we will be forced to. Their business principle seems to be; “We own your arse, bend over and take it like a man.” (In deference to political correctness and any female readers, perhaps, “Bend over and take it like a man would.”)

The demonization of carbon seems to be an addition to Kevin Rudd’s ‘War on everything,” perhaps we are seeing the first shots in “the war on elements.”

All jokes aside, the basic fact is that this legislation will hand us over against the will of the vast majority of us to be the forced clientele of people we have no wish and no need to trade in any way with. In a free society, anybody taking ‘climate change’ as it is promoted by the authoritarians seriously, could use these services to whatever degree they feel they need or can afford, but this is not what we are discussing here. Their services are compulsory for all of us.

This is tantamount to slavery or at least feudalism. In reality in response to a manufactured crisis the state intends to remove our last vestiges of right to freedom of thought and trade and commit us to the tender mercies of the sort of people they are most likely to be found with, the lobbyists.

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