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Oct 7, 2009

Prof. Bob Carter's Presentation at Rockhampton.

Robert M. "Bob" Carter,is an adjunct research professor in the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University, Queensland[1] and the University of Adelaide South Australia. He is a geologist specializing in palaeoclimatology, stratigraphy, marine geology, and environmental science. He is currently on a lecture tour.

Here he is in an interview:

By Ron Kitching.

Last night, (06.10.09), I went to Bob Carter’s presentation at the Leagues Club at Rockhampton. The meeting commenced pretty close to the advertised 7 pm starting time. I suppose it was attended by 100 or so people. At one stage Bob asked those under 50 to raise their hands. Only about 3 did so.

The meeting was run by the Australian Climate Science coalition and The Australian Environment Foundation.

Bob has been a professional lecturer all of his life and made an excellent presentation touching on every aspect that I know of in the Global Warming/Climate Change debate.

It is obvious that the Australian population, led not only by the Australian Labor Party, but the Liberals also, are sleep walking into oblivion.

Bob broke his presentation into three parts with a question time at the end of each session.

In the second session of his presentation, Bob showed the enormous array of the forces of the enemy organised against humanity over this issue.

I bought a great laugh from the audience when one old squatter from Snake Gully, said in his deep gravely voice, “Jeez, we wuz worried before we came here!”

The two American organisations alone WWF and The Wilderness society have almost $1Billion between them and each spend several million a year on propaganda. but here, apart from the dark greens, we have Federal and State governments spending huge budgets on propaganda.

The Federal Governments department of climate has spent a billion dollars in the last 10 years on propaganda, but which has not contributed anything except anti-humanity propaganda. On top of that, Bob pointed out that the CSIRO, The ABC, all of the universities, most of the High Schools right down to primary schools are brainwashing people with anti-humanity propaganda.

Bob said that Ex PM Tony Blair is responsible for the mess the UK finds itself in, but his efforts are being ferociously out done by our PM Rudd, ably assisted by the Liberal leadership.

The so called financial industry is looking forward to the “trading frenzy” from which they will pluck countless billions if “service fees”. This accounts for Malcolm Turnbull’s dogged persistence in have a “sensible” trading scheme established here.

In total around the world about a trillion dollars has been wasted by the onslaught of the attack on humanity, but has contributed nothing to alleviating the poverty of the 1.5 billion who do not have enough to eat, let alone decent housing, schools and medical facilities.

Bob was in particular ferocious about how children are being turned into anti-industrial zealots by the system.

In the second question time, a sprinkling of dark greens opened their propaganda campaign at question time. Led by a scruffy looking pest, who grabbed a microphone and gave a speech, but was shortened by a hostile audience. His big gripe was industry, especially the coal industry which is polluting the nation. They even had a little girl trained to ask anti- industrial questions.

My view is that we have an enormous task to overcome the momentum and traction that the enemy has gathered over the years, but we can only hope that if we continue to persist, as organisations and as individuals that we will in the long term win the war - and make no mistake it IS a WAR.

It is the same old Communist ideology dressed in green clothes. Most people have no idea how determined the enemy is.

For those who are interested I would suggest people read Ludwig von Mises’s book titled “Socialism - An Economic and Sociological Analysis”. Written in 1920, you can see that today how presages he was in addressing the various garbs the enemy uses to advance his cause.

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