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Apr 4, 2011

Damn you Al Gore, now we’re all going to die.

Cartoon: by Horsey.

Al as you all probably know invented the Internet, or at least claims to have done so, or maybe it’s an urban legend he has somehow not gotten around to correcting.

In the ultimate case of the application of the law of unintended consequences it is now claimed that in the process he has doomed humanity and all furry and cuddly critters to extinction.

You are on the wrong track if you are thinking these claims are rubbish. Try to use the logic, (or what passes for it) of the climate tragics who see doom at every turn.

Lets face it, in the good old days before Big Al unleashed the power of the net on an unsuspecting left, if you had the politicians eying off a new source of plunder, (check), the media in the bag, (check), and a large body of scientists on government grants to prove your disaster scenario,(check), you had it made. If some idiot had contrary evidence, it didn’t matter; nobody was going to hear about it anyway.

Richard Glover in the Sydney Morning Herald is on to it though. The Internet is allowing the unwashed hordes who don’t even read Dostoevsky to express their ignorant and dangerous views for all to see. Worse still, there is no one out there to counter their outrageous claims.
The planet may not be so lucky. It's increasingly apparent that the internet may bring about the death of human civilisation, beating out previous contenders such as nuclear holocaust and the election of George W. Bush.

The agents of this planetary death will be the climate-change deniers who, it's now clear, owe much of their existence to the internet. Would the climate-change deniers be this sure of themselves without the internet?

Somehow I doubt it. They are so damn confident.

They don't just bury their heads in the sand, they fiercely drive their own heads energetically into the nearest beachfront, their bums defiantly aquiver as they fart their toxic message to the world. How can they be so confident, in the face of so much evidence to the contrary?

It's the internet, of course, and the way it has given climate-change deniers the perfect forum — one in which groups of quite dim people can swap spurious information, reassuring each other there's no evidence on the other side, right up to the point they've derailed all efforts to save the planet. Call it ''mutually reassured destruction''.

The very idea of contrarian views being expressed, never mind being entertained by the yobbos, is an absolute anathema to the elite. There aught to be a law …


  1. Snarky little prick, isn't he? Too bad this pillar of journalistic integrity, like nearly all of his kind, has never done a single moment's actual research into the subject. The media's "much evidence to the contrary" consists of regurgitating government press releases and then smugly repeating the party line to each other.

    Michael Crichton was a believer when he started his book State of Fear. Then, the more REAL research he conducted into the "science" and "evidence" behind the whole thing, the less he believed until he became an outright "Climate change denier".

    Which is an outright bullshit term. I prefer the label "Non-Dupe".

  2. Its a pretty popular line over here among the government and their mouthpieces, Bawb. We have an economist as the chief climate change advisor, (on $180,000 per year) who often rails about 'deniers' having forums that they use to try to derail his proposed tax.

    We are supposed to shut up and bend over.