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Apr 25, 2011

German woman stands up to Islamic radicals.

Clip from Libertarian Republican.

Editors note: This has been updated with a new version of the video, modified by Jim Lagnese, and Eric Dondero.

The following video was posted on Libertarian Republican a few days ago along with a plea for a fluent German speaker to translate the contents. This is the result, first aired at L/R and spreading like wildfire:
“The gathering was in reaction to a rally held by Radical Muslim cleric Abu Ameena Bilal Philips in Frankfurt on Wednesday. Over 2,000 attended. Bilal Philips has made extreme anti-Gay remarks in the past, even calling for the "the death penalty for proven homosexual acts." The German Government has issued an expulsion notice for Bilal Philips who is a non-German citizen. He is still in the country pending appeal.”

“I am German, I am so sorry that someone like him can stand here and speak like Hitler.”
Europe has been a very tolerant region for a long time readily taking in refugees from all over the world, especially from across the Mediterranean. With the rise of radical Islam however Europeans are increasingly finding their own culture held in contempt by these people. Demands for the implementation of Sharia are increasing, along with violent demonstrations.

The reaction by PC whipped politicians has been to enact laws to discourage freedom of speech and expression among the populace out of fear of offending the radicals.

The stand by this woman is symbolic of a public that has had enough. By their own extremism, Islam is shooting itself in the foot.

Australia has its own share of radicals. It is difficult to see why we should have to be tolerant to this guy; he isn’t towards us:
Siddiq-Conlon is the face and voice of Sharia4Australia, a group formed in Sydney's southwest to agitate for Islamic law, starting with the introduction of sharia courts and ending, in his ideal world, with Islamic rule.
While he claims to eschew violence, he unapologetically preaches hate. An online video posted by his group describes its members as "uncompromising [in] their disallegiance, disloyalty and hate for the disbelievers".
"I hate the parliament. I hate [democracy] with a pure hate," he says. Moreover, it is obligatory for all Muslims to reject democracy, because it is a challenge to God's law: "They must hate it, speak out against it, and if that doesn't work, take action against it."


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