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Apr 17, 2011

Atlas Shrugged Premiere.

Atlas Shrugged Part 1 is the movie many of us have been waiting for. It has just premiered across the US but at this stage there is little news on the subject. What there is, is encouraging though.

Apparently the reviews are mixed. This is to be expected as the movie industry tends towards the left, and Atlas is not the sort of subject designed to bring joy to the heart of the average liberal.

It fails to represent the sort of theme they can relate to; you know, it doesn't explore the underlying humanity of a pathologically depressed manic psychopath who finally gains the respect and love of a one legged blind goatherds’ daughter while saving oppressed yaks in the Himalayas from the depredations of an exploitive US based multinational corporation, attempting to start a war for oil, in conjunction with rogue CIA operatives.

I am not sure why they have a problem over it; there is plenty of the above out there for them.

Shrugged celebrates the industrialist, the true entrepreneur, the guy with the ability, commitment and character to go out there and back his judgment. These are the people like Hank Reardon and Dagny Taggart, and Ellis Wyatt, who carry the state on their backs and endure their infamy for doing so. That is of course until they realize they are flogging a dead horse and go Gault.

The success of this venture is yet to be seen, but the indications at this stage are promising.


  1. When the "professional" movie critics hate a movie, I personally take that as a rousing endorsement.

    I haven't been to a theater for a movie in years, but the lil' wife and I will be there for this one.

  2. I am seeing the odd good review lately, but mostly from people who I would expect to like it.