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Apr 10, 2011

Greens and Jihad; “Don’t judge us by the company we keep.”

Cartoon By Zeg.

Americans old enough to remember back to the 08 elections will be familiar with the theme of guilt by association. It was considered rather crass and uncouth, not to mention racist, to mention Obama’s crazy preacher, his indicted friends, or his relationship with unrepentant urban terrorist Bill Ayers. Suggesting that he was palling around with terrorists was beyond the pail.

Australian Greens leader, Bob Brown was scathing towards Tony Abbott after he addressed an anti carbon tax rally in Canberra. When Abbott started talking a sign appeared behind him referring to the PM as ‘Bob Brown’s bitch’, alluding to the fact she was clinging to power with his help.

The previous post here mentioned the rather murky connections between the Greens and radical Islam. It turns out that Brown himself has some history with weird elements:

a photograph surfaced showing Bob Brown addressing an anti-Iraq war rally framed by a protester wielding a banner promoting an anti-Semitic website which promotes the idea that 9/11 was a Jewish-US plot to harden global opinion against the Arab world.

On his other side is another poster which declares: “Lib-Nats: Coalition of the Killing”. Under normal circumstances, Brown could be forgiven for claiming to be ignorant of these inflammatory signs. Except that these are not normal circumstances. After the heat of ‘Bitchgate’ Brown is open to a charge of rank hypocrisy.

Now Bob recons this is entirely unfair, and is guilt by association, saying “it undemocratic" to judge politicians on the company they keep at rallies and other public forums.”

A very noble sentiment indeed, its just a pity he didn’t feel that way before he got sprung.

Senator Brown on Thursday defended the actions of Greens senators Sarah Hanson-Young and Scott Ludlam for appearing at rallies in 2009 and last year, respectively, where protesters called on Australia to sever ties with Israel. "If you're saying there that members of parliament should not take the stage or be on a rostrum or be at a rally or go on (television program) Q&A if you are going to be judged by the people you are there with, then we're getting to a very undemocratic path, aren't we," Senator Brown told ABC radio.

Yeah right, Bob.

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