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Apr 22, 2011

The Nanny State; alive and well in NSW.

The LDP is moving to create a nanny of the month effort, which will start very soon. Big government, and idiotic bureaucracy do not wait however. Here is one of the early entries from “Strewth,” in the Australian:

God forbid what it may mean in ancient Samarian.

THE bureaucrats at the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority thought they had found another way to put aside common sense and indulge in politically correct gormlessness.

Newcastle lawyer Kristen Perry has a nickname since childhood, Kiki. Five years ago her husband gave her personalized number plates for her BMW: KIKI.

But at the RTA, this harmless set of letters was deemed offensive and the authority wanted them removed. The RTA said the name means vagina in the Filipino language, Tagalog.

Not that we would query the RTA's knowledge of obscure languages, but sane people might wonder where the harm lies, irrespective of its meaning in Tagalog. Yesterday, the RTA relented and said Perry can keep her number plates.

Hasn't the RTA got some roads to fix?


  1. One of my neighbour's number plates is XEX-169...

  2. So would the RTA also have a problem with people called Kiki as a given name rather than a nickname? What would they say if someone called Kiki was driving through Ki-Ki while singing along to a song by Kiki Dee? Would the cubic connection to vaginas end the world faster than the Large Hadron Collider in the hands of a Spinal Tap roadie? Should we pass a law against it just to be on the safe side? Is it at all relevant that thanks to the older format of number plates there may well be a car driving around the UK with WOW53R on both ends? Would it be more appropriate in New South Wales?

  3. Well, what can I say. Every time I think to myself,"it doesn't get any stupider than this," they manage to surpass themselves.

  4. Well, that is certainly a new low! Unfortunately, I am sure it can and will get much worse eventually...