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Apr 27, 2011

What next, a Tax on Water?

The following is a series of items from Carbon Sense. The original can be found here.

By Viv Forbes, Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition.

Brisbane Carbon tax rally:
There will be another Brisbane rally on May 7th. 
Queensland Parliament House, ‎11:30AM Saturday, May 7th 2011

What next, a Tax on Water?

The Carbon Sense Coalition today claimed there is more justification for a tax on the emissions of steam from a kettle on the stove than a tax on the emissions of carbon dioxide from the gas stove beneath the kettle.

The Chairman of "Carbon Sense", Mr. Viv Forbes, said that neither steam nor carbon dioxide is a harmful pollutant, both are essential to life, both are emitted by burning hydrocarbon fuels and both have some effects on weather and climate.

"We expect the government media claque and research mercenaries to parrot the prevailing political propaganda, but surely it's time for the independent media to start promoting accurate language and real science in the global warming debate.

It's time to "speak truth to power".

"The Green alarmists claim that carbon dioxide is a "pollutant"? We know that many politicians lie to suit their agenda but this lie is so huge that it cannot be allowed to stand.

"Carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen are the building blocks for all life on earth. All plant life, animal life, marine life and carbon fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal are composed mainly of various combinations of these four key elements.

"When any carbon compound is burnt in a fire or digested in a stomach, the carbon combines with oxygen to form carbon dioxide and the hydrogen combines with oxygen to form water. These reactions produce warmth and energy for mankind.

"All life needs food and water. Carbon dioxide is the keystone for all food on earth – it feeds all plants, which feed all animals. Water is the foundation for all drinks. Thus combustion of carbon fuels provides food and drink for all life on earth. Only a fool or a schemer could describe either of these gases of life as a pollutant.

"Both carbon dioxide and water are recycled via the atmosphere, and both make our climate livable. Carbon dioxide is an invisible gas that has a tiny climatic effect. But water in all its forms such as vapors, clouds, oceans, rivers, rain, hail, snow and ice is vastly more abundant and influential in causing changes in weather and climate.

"If we need a "carbon pollution tax" to reduce global temperature we surely need a "water pollution tax" to reduce snowstorms and floods?"
Kermit and his Carbon Tax Team

Carbon Tax Job Losses.

We are told that a carbon tax is needed to reduce Australia's production of carbon dioxide in the vain hope of producing a miniscule reduction in global temperature for our great-grandchildren.

There are two options for reducing emissions – use less carbon fuels to create the same product, or reduce the activities that produce carbon dioxide.

Record prices for carbon fuels have ensured that they are used efficiently, so option one is out.

Therefore to reduce carbon emissions we must produce less steel and cement, export less minerals, use less motor fuel and avgas, raise fewer cows and sheep and use less carbon based electricity.

Every such reduction MUST be accompanied by jobs losses as industries contract or move overseas.

Sunbeams and sea breezes may sometimes run the lights in a few homes, but can the alchemists in Canberra explain how we can sustain our steel, cement, tourism, mining and agricultural industries without carbon fuels such as coal, diesel, petrol and gas?

They need to tell us, otherwise we know that their "science" is a sham and they are just lusting after the revenue and power that comes with a Big New Tax.

Why do they need a Carbon Tax?
Because they have already spent it.
Global Warming, Climate Change, and now we bring you -

The Climate Crisis

The whole alarmist case started as a global warming scare – extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would absorb radiation from the earth and send some of it back to earth, thus leaving us warmer than otherwise. We are told this may cause global temperature to rise a couple of degrees or so in a century or so.

The temperature on my veranda may rise by fifteen or twenty degrees in six hours or so, so a couple of degrees in a century would hardly be noticed. And for many people, a bit of warming would be welcomed. So the alarmists decided that "Global Warming" was not scaring enough people, especially as temperatures were not warming, ice was not melting and sea levels were not rising.

So a new scare slogan was invented – "Climate Change". No new theory was invented to support it – but innocent carbon dioxide was still the villain, but now any change, flood or drought, snow or heat wave, even earthquakes, locust swarms and bush fires could be blamed on "Climate Change" - the marvelous scare that could never be proven wrong.

But people started to say, "But Climate Change is the way of the natural world. Flood and famine, ice age and warming have always been with us and we and all of our ancestors have coped." So the alarmists had another crisis meeting. "Change" said the high priests "is too gradual, too normal and people are again losing interest in the boy calling wolf."

So Al Gore is now rallying his dervishes for a new crusade against the infidels with the new slogan "The Climate Crisis" - this is something new and frightening – the end of the world is nigh. "Be scared my children and offer up the deniers, the consumers and their wicked industries as a sacrifice."

But the theory has not changed; an innocent trace gas that is the basis of life is still blamed for every ill that could affect mankind.

But the big man has cried wolf for too long. People are looking to real problems not invented and imaginary ones - they worry about real pollution, job prospects, the lights going out and fiscal irresponsibility, all of which have been turned into real dangers to society by carbon mania.

We are close to the end game.

But a cornered dog is dangerous, even if it just a terrier. Western governments, with reputations hanging on "The Climate Crisis", have just a short time to introduce irreversible change before the voters throw them out for decades.

The carbon tax, emissions trading, green energy subsidies, an international climate crisis bureaucracy and an international wealth redistribution scheme must be set in place in a couple of years (or even months).

So we need all the help we can get. Spread the good news – man has not caused a climate crisis, carbon dioxide is innocent and we need our carbon fuels. We need people to be questioning, challenging and yes "denying" there is a man-made climate crisis. Offer up facts, stories, make jokes, write limericks, and get people laughing at a few silly little boys who insist on crying wolf.

No Carbon Tax Rallies will continue. Watch for news.

Here is Jo Nova at a Rally in Perth:

The Flannery/Garnaut/Combet Propaganda Unit – Wrong Advice. Wrong Policy.
Here is an analysis by four well-informed independent Australians: 

There will be another Brisbane rally on May 7th. 
Queensland Parliament House, ‎11:30AM Saturday, May 7th 2011


  1. Maybe the government is not taxing it yet, but they have decreed that they OWN RAINWATER. Don't give them any ideas.

  2. I had a look at that and am pretty sure I saw a reference to it over here in the last few days, which I will chase up.

    I will be interested to see how these idiots deal with the side issues such as the legal inferences such as when the rain that they own either fails to be provided, or is provided in excess of requirements, or at the wrong times, destroying crops, etc.

    If for Utah example, decided to be somewhat overgenerous in supplying its population with rainwater, with resultant flooding in Arizona, what would be the legal ramifications? (I hope nobody in Washington is reading this and getting ideas.)

  3. I suspect the government's water will be like the government's (King's?) wildlife. That deer belongs to them and if you shoot one out of season or without a license, they can fine or arrest you or both.

    The exact split second you hit that deer on a public road and smash in the front end of your car, however, ownership instantly reverts back to "nature".

  4. Funny you should mention that. We had to fight for many years to get the protected species status taken off the feral deer in this state. They were you see originally a gift from Queen Victoria to us, which made them royal beasts and thus off limits to us commoners.

    I have to admit though, they were a hell of a lot tastier while they had that status.

    The law was changed somewhat to allow for deer farming.