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Sep 18, 2011

Attackwatch, or was that narcissism watch?

Image: By Maksim – The Peoples Cube.

It seems incredible that after the nonsense of the old ‘Fight the smears’ website used in the past, the Paranoid in Chief has launched a similar site to prep supporters for his reelection bid. This one, appears to have been set up with the aim of rooting out any element that reports anything other than laudatory reports on Dear Leader.

Like any good website it is conveniently divided into sections, the first being an introduction and a ‘news feed’ dealing with what sort of pricks Glen Beck, Romney, and Perry are. The ‘Attack Files’ section follows this. This gives party acolytes a ready reference to the current truth, talking points, and party spin as it stands at the moment.

After this we get down to the serious business, (oops, bad word) that the site is intended for. Section three is for reporting, and has a user friendly form which can accommodate deviations from correct positions, thought crimes, casual snitching, reporting on family members, right through to denouncements of party members. After this there is a joiners section Attack Wire, which allows you to register.

Then we get to the all important donation section, once again with a user friendly form with which supporters can give till it hurts. We have not tested this section but may try the denouncement form later. As a libertarian site, RWL feels that it is in our interests to be listed here; not just as the standard ‘Regime Opponent’ but in the coverted ‘Enemy of the State’ section.

The reality is that this site is a great source of fun for the right, especially as the Twitter feed gives a great opportunity for taking the piss out of it. Some good ones are:

Hey #attackwatch, I saw 6 ATM's in an alley, killing a Job. It looked like a hate crime!

Loving our robust Economy? NEVER forget that Obama once referred to the private sector as the "ENEMY." #attackwatch.

I've seen many tweets saying "First Candidate who self reports to #attackwatch gets my vote!" Ding! We have a Winner!

Have you done your patriotic duty? Somewhere, someone is saying something about Obama. Report it to #attackwatch immediately!

Hi #attackwatch did you know Obama puts the seat down when he pees? And:

#tcot RT @Brunette_W #attackwatch My neighbor flies the American flag in his front yard can you come get him? And then can I have his stuff?
It really sounds like the site is getting the sort of respect it thoroughly deserves.

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