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Sep 11, 2011

"Who will be First to Cop the Carbon Chop?"

Cartoon: By Zeg.

By Viv Forbes, Chairman,

It is not possible to achieve the government's planned cuts to the production of carbon dioxide without significant shrinkage of our main industries.

There are only two ways to achieve their unrealistic emission reduction targets.

The destructive but honest way is to allow the shrinking targets and rising taxes to force closures or relocation for our backbone industries.

The dishonest way is to pay billions of dollars to overseas carbon shysters who, in return for our bribes, "promise" to make the reductions on our behalf. This will achieve nothing except pauperisation of Australians.

The tax apologists will claim - 'but the tax only applies to the top 500 polluters'. Every company hit with the carbon tax must pass it on to all those who use their products. Soon every industry and consumer will feel the costs, even if they do not understand the sneaky mechanism.

People who think the cuts can occur painlessly have not looked at the hard facts of our industries.

It's not possible to make steel without generating carbon dioxide. No carbon tax can change that.

It's not possible to make cement or brew beer without generating carbon dioxide.

It's not possible to generate electricity using brown coal, black coal, diesel or gas without generating carbon dioxide.

It's is not possible to run a car, truck, train, tractor, ship or plane on oil, gas, diesel or petrol without generating carbon dioxide. Even electric cars, trains and elevators get their energy mainly from coal or gas. As for wind power, 70% of its "capacity" will be delivered by the backup gas facilities, all producing carbon dioxide.

Cattle, sheep, goats and pigs cannot live without generating carbon dioxide. (Even humans must exhale occasionally.)

The Australian government plans to reduce the production of harmless carbon dioxide by 5% (or maybe 25%) by 2050, despite increasing population.

Which industry will be first to cop the carbon chop? They should start by blocking all emissions from Parliament House.

Or is the carbon tax just about grabbing a new source of government revenue?

Anti-Carbon Tax Rally, Perth.

The next big anti-carbon tax rally will be held in Perth. Pls come along or pass the invitation on to someone who can attend. The rally will be held on Sunday, Sept. 18th, at Langley Park on the Perth foreshore starting at 2 pm. A leaflet can be downloaded from here:

How to Solve the Global Warming Crisis – Stop Breathin'

For those who like rap music, have a listen to an anti-carbon tax tune:

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