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Sep 6, 2011

A little political feedback for the LDP.

Those of you, who follow this site and wait with baited breath for the next pearl of wisdom, may have seen through the subtle nuances expressed here, and gained the impression that I am somewhat political. It’s true, I am one of those people who work into the wee hours coming up with ideas to unseat the government and replace it with the Liberal Democratic Party, (LDP)

It is somewhat gratifying to those of us who are involved in this effort, when we get the occasional feedback from the interested readers of our website. Take this example:

Subject: Political Theory

You idiots,

You are using a bunch of watered down and simplified political theory to justify a bunch of lunatic policies. You are dumbing down great philosophical works to fortune-cookie wisdom as a means of lending legitimacy to half-baked and self-serving demands; Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill were concerned with ethical government in the interests of the people, they must be spinning in their graves to be associated with your unethical party focused on your own selfish interests.

Your so called 'libertarian' ideals have the same logic as a two-year old throwing a temper tantrum because it wants immediate gratification and cannot comprehend consequences. Your economic and social policies are all about helping those who already have the means to help themselves and by disenfranchising the disadvantaged.

I am thankfull that you are a political joke, and I hope you will long remain so.

Get fucked.

Yours Sincerely,

James Godbee
I guess it’s difficult to view this one as positive, but hey, the guy took the time to read the site. The reference to: “Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill were concerned with ethical government in the interests of the people,” could do with a little more explanation as it seems to be a generalized statement, meaning whatever the reader wants it to. I have figured out that he is not one of us, but what is he? Perhaps:

A labor front bencher; Not really, while they would agree that we are a ‘selfish’ bunch of pricks and so on, most of them would be quite happy to think of Adam Smith, and JSM spinning in their graves.

Bob Katter supporter; No, same as above.

The Reverend Fred Nile; Probably not, while Fred thinks we are Satan’s representatives on earth, if he were even to recognize the names of Adam Smith, and JSM, and especially if he understood what they had to say, he would probably want them exhumed and burnt at the stake.

The Libertarian National Socialist Green Party; Once again doubtful, these guys are trying to cover so many bases all at once, they probably don’t want to offend anybody.

One of the “only 26 ‘real’ libertarians in Australia”; No chance, these guys are so ‘pure’ they would consider Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill to be a pair of NeoCons and wouldn’t care about their grave spinning status.

It must be a LNP guy.

If it were true that AS and JSM wouldn’t love us, there is one area we can take a little comfort from, and that’s Kochie from his blog on “Getting To Know The Minor Parties:”

"In a nutshell: The LDP is who old Henry David Thoreau would belong to. They’re pro-choice, as in letting people make their own decision without the government interfering."

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  1. Or, he could be like me in that he hates all modern political parties and wouldn't, should any of them catch fire, piss on them.