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Sep 6, 2011

The Tyranny of Bureaucracy!

A post a couple of days ago was about emergency services losing good members who were sick and tired of the nonsense they had to go through with training and courses among other things. One of the ubiquitous aspects of any activity these days are the courses that have to be done in order to be qualified in things we have done for years.

P.A. Barton of Clermont has put it into rhyme:

The Two Day Course

There’s a blight upon the country that’s really quite degrading,
invented by the bureaucrats to stop their jobs from fading.
A nasty imposition that has now been put in force,
It’s become an obligation to attend a two day course.

There are courses by the hundreds to improve your education,
it’s now become essential that you get accreditation.
You will need that piece of paper or you’ll really be in strife,
although what you will be learning, you have been doing all your life.

In the drought of ’69 I cut from dawn to dark,
and fence posts by the thousands I have sawn from iron bark.
Now it’s hard to fathom that I could break the law,
if I dare to start the motor of my trusty old chain saw.

Take chemical applications, that’s something I know best,
by now I must have sprayed every single living pest.
From cattle ticks to buffalo fly, from burrs to rubber vine,
Now a course must be attended or I’ll risk a whopping fine.

Just ask those who know me, if I know how to use a gun,
from every sort of weapon I’ve shot bullets by the tonne.
Though I’ve been proficient since I reached the age of ten,
It seems this is something that I have to learn again.

I’ve studied on computers, learnt how to market crops,
Benchmark & QA, I’ve been to those workshops.
Breed plan is something I now understand in full,
it took me two days to learn how to scrotum test a bull.

My stock are getting poorer from the general lack of care,
and all my bores and fences are in sad need of repair.
You may think I’m lazy, but simple isn’t true,
I’d go to work tomorrow, but there is another course to do.

The bank would like to see me for the funds are getting low,
and I’d like to get the time to plant the crops I need to grow.
My wife and kids are missing me cause I’m hardly ever there,
I’d love to stay at home but, there’s this course in cattle care.

If I continue in this vein, I’ll surely end up broke,
all these accreditations are really just a joke.
I’d rather wrestle with scrub bulls or ride on bucking horses,
than continuously be subjected to these two day bloody courses!

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