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Sep 22, 2011

Greens use racial slurs against pro development Aborigines.

Image: Kimberley Land Council chief executive Nolan Hunter, in Perth yesterday. Picture: Ross Swanborough. Source: The Australian.

Over recent years a growing number of Aboriginal leaders have rejected the paternalistic policies of the past, which essentially condemn them to rent seeking and welfare dependency. They are anxious to have their people reap the benefits of the resources around them and advance themselves. On the other hand the Greens and the left in general want them as allies in their anti development agenda.

The Greens bizarre positions have set back the cause of Aboriginal development here. The ‘Wild Rivers’ legislation virtually prohibits the use of water resources by aborigines in North Queensland, a matter that is still being fought out. The left seem to nurse the concept of the ‘noble savage’ and want Aborigines to be some sort of living museum pieces, condemned to the current status quo.

Now a hate campaign has been launched against pro development Aborigines around Broome in the North West, who are in favor of a gas project:

A newsletter widely distributed in Broome labels Kimberley Land Council chief executive Nolan Hunter as Woodside's "chief coconut" for his role in securing a $1.5bn deal that will bring education, employment and social benefits to the region's indigenous population in return for their support for the gas hub project.

In an exclusive interview with The Australian yesterday, Mr Hunter told how the hate mail came so thick and fast he now instructed staff at the KLC office not to open letters with their bare hands.

Mr Hunter said green groups promised in 2007 to support a single site for a gas hub in the region, but now were campaigning hard against the project. "For them, the environment can stay pristine and the people in it can live in poverty and destitution," he said. "People who oppose the gas have housing, they have income and their kids have good educational opportunities. They want somewhere pristine to come and spend their money on holidays.”

The proposed project has been dogged by controversy since April 2009 when Kimberley traditional owners signed a heads of agreement with the state government and Woodside for a gas precinct at James Price Point. In May, the Goolarabooloo Jabbir Jabbir native title claim group voted to support the project. The KLC considers the deal "a landmark exercise in democratic decision making" that will lead directly to hundreds of jobs and guarantee a social justice package of health, education, housing and training.

The region's indigenous Labor MP, Carol Martin, is named along with nine others in the most recent newsletter as "black on the outside, white on the inside and full of the milk of white man's money". She said opponents of the development showed disrespect for Aborigines' rights to make decisions about their land.
The Australian Greens are probably the most illogical, ideologically driven, divisive, anti industrial, anti just about everything else, group of luddites in the world today. They oppose mining, oil exploration, gas production, nuclear, farming, irrigation, and any other sort of development. They are convinced that the nation would benefit from the total closure of the coal mining industry.

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