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Aug 24, 2008

Ayres, Obama's terrorist mate.

Eric over at Libertarian Republican came up with this one which once again highlights the type of connections Obama has which should disqualify him from any serious consideration as a Presidential candidate.


  1. This morning I met a man who is voting for McCain so I asked him, "What do you like about John McCain." His response was an eye-opener. After general statements about mistrusting Obama he said, "Since Obama has know Bill Ayres since he was 8 years old, I'm sure he's been shaped by radical ideas." My response that this was impossible--if only because Obama grew up in Hawaii--held no sway. The man assured me that he'd heard a tape of Ayres and Obama that verifies this claim, and that Obama has known Ayres his whole life.

    When my head stopped spinning, I realized I'd entered the world of the FOX news voter. This man truly believes that Obama is not just influenced by Ayres (which in itself is untrue), but that he's influenced by the Ayres of 40 years ago. He thinks Obama's calm exterior is a false front for a raging radical, and that McCain would be a "safer bet." Never once did he mention any policy or human characteristic that he liked about McCain.

    Here's a person who has constructed his worldview from snippets he's seen on TV. He's genuinely fearful, because his rational thinking has been hijacked by ancient political tactics that aim to establish four things: 1) The other guy is not like you, 2) You should fear him, 3) I'm like you, 4) You'll be safer if you vote for me. The power of the "fear factor" is astonishing.

    I know there are thousands of voters who are making their decision based on misinformation. They're not completely incurious, but they don't seek clarification or have the time--or perhaps the inclination--to look at policy.

    If one agrees with McCain's economic, environmental, educational, and military perspectives (trickle-down economics works, the taxpayers should carry the weight of 'toxic mortgages,' we can drill our way out of the gas/climate conundrum, vouchers improve education, and we can 'win' the war in Iraq), then one can rationally vote for McCain.

    But if you are making your vote based on "Obama Fear," I encourage you to investigate your information sources. A simple Internet search on "fact checking the candidates" will reveal a number of sites that can help you decide if what you're seeing on TV is true. Please promise yourself and your fellow citizens that you'll make an effort to get the facts--even if you only take an hour or two to look at sites like before you vote.

    Disinformation kills democracy. Perhaps newsgroups that deliberately spread lies should be called out as unpatriotic?

  2. Thank you for your comment Catherine. I am not voting as I am an Australian and not eligible.

    As far as I am aware nobody is claiming that Obama was influenced by Ayers when he was 8 or 9 years old. I think if people are thinking that they have been confused by the Obama campaign defense, that the bombings occurred when he was that age.

    None of the people I am in contact with believe that Obama associated with Ayers until he was an adult, and that is more disturbing to me. If he was a child who had fallen under the influence of the man at the time, he would have an excuse. I don't buy the story that he didn't know of Ayers past.

    I think you will find people on both sides who are confused about the facts, at least you have voluntary voting over there so I assume a lot of them don't do so.

    There is a lot of deliberate misinformation being spread, for example, when McCain quietened down a couple of people in a town hall and on both occasions spoke of Obama being honorable, I saw reports that he praised Obama, attacked him and and praised him again indicating that he was 'losing it'. It cuts both ways.

  3. It's even worse. We know that Obama in fact did launch his political career in Ayres' home. However, he FLAT OUT LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE during the last debate, stating, "It's not true.:" If the connections are tenuous, why deny a plain fact? It goes back to and reinforces the truth that the connection between the two men go very deep. Why else first claim, "He's a guy who lives in my neighborhood." As if to say, he's just a neighbor and nothing more. Obama then claimed another time that his kids went to the same school. Huh? Ayers' children are grown. Are we to believe that Ayers' grown children still attend elementary school? No. Obama is sly. You see "attended the same school" and "attended the same school AT THE SAME TIME" are two different things, but Obama wants you to make the natural inference of "at the same time" on your own. He should be disqualified based on his answers concerning Ayers' during the debate. If he's elected, we must be out of our minds.

  4. Obama seems to draw unsavory connections like flies, and yes, there is much more to the Ayers connection than he is admitting to.

    If you follow the links from my article "The Obama Scrapbook," you will find some more of them.