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Aug 12, 2008

Bill Russell, Better and Better.

I was impressed by an item from Michael Zak, “Barack Jennings Obama.”

A young, inexperienced orator captures the Democratic presidential nomination and squares off against the war hero and senior statesman nominated by the Republicans. Speaking as if from a pulpit, in a style learned from fiery preachers, the magnetic newcomer had the crowds swooning. I'm referring, of course, to the presidential election of 1896.

That year, the Democratic Party was sharply divided between an establishment faction led by President Grover Cleveland and those who wanted even more government control over the economy.

Even further to the left on the political spectrum was the Populist Party, a bastion of the free silver movement. The Populists were socialists, calling for government ownership of the railroads, telephones and telegraphs. Some of their leading agitators would have found themselves comfortable on today's lunatic fringe. …….

A 36-year old former two-term U.S. Representative from Nebraska stood up at the 1896 Democratic National Convention and delivered an eloquent speech in favor of the free coinage of silver. ……

The Republican presidential nominee was 63-year old William McKinley, a former seven-term U.S. Representative and two-term Governor of Ohio. He had risen to the rank of major in the regiment commanded by Rutherford Hayes during the Civil War. ……

Rather than try to match the oratory, McKinley responded with his front porch campaign. With few exceptions, he remained at home looking presidential, speaking to Republican delegations from across the country who came to see him. Accompanying him at many appearances were the officials he said would figure prominently in his administration. …

Early on, Bryan looked like a winner, but his campaign faded in the fall. Rhetoric that had once seemed inspirational came off as pompous and bombastic. Worse, many voters wondered if Bryan really knew what he was talking about. While McKinley presented himself as a seasoned team leader, Bryan proved himself to be a naive, one-man show.

William Jennings Bryan carried the Solid South and other Democrat strongholds, but McKinley won over Middle America and so won the presidency. Republicans retained majorities in both houses of Congress.

Sure and steady won the race for the Republican.

Michaels stuff is always worth a read.

Interestingly the next item was from the Russell Brigade. For those who have come in late Lt. Col. Bill Russell is the GOP candidate against Murtha in PA, who has triumphed in the face of adversity all the way through the campaign. Murtha is so entrenched he seemed unbeatable to start with, then after legal challenges had him dropped off the ballot, he successfully ran a write in campaign to get back on easily.

When he disappeared from the campaign I damn near gave up on him. He was on active service and was prohibited from any association with his own campaign.

While he was away, his enthusiastic supporters ‘The Russell Brigade’ took up the challenge and actually appear to have built on the momentum, to the point where I consider Murtha to be in trouble. Interestingly Russell is holding front porch campaign meetings, as referred to above.

Thanks for your incredible help these past few days! Since Bill’s return from active duty on August 1st, we’ve been overwhelmed by the strong grassroots support we’re receiving from all over Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District and beyond.

Here are a few things you need to know:

First, since the 2nd Quarter FEC filings (the one that showed us beating Jack Murtha by some $500,000), we’ve added an astounding $500,000 more. The bigger news is that the average contribution was $50.

Well, you did it. A few weeks ago, we reported the incredible 2nd Quarter grassroots contributions totaling $637,137 compared to Congressman Murtha’s $113,155.

A fluke? A few months of accidental luck? Well, the July totals tell a different story. Because of your continued vigilance and sacrificial support, we’ve now raised an additional $400,000 in the month of July! That’s right, $400,000 in July alone.
Here’s the quick math.

The first and second quarter totals combined shattered the $900,000 mark. When you add in July’s contributions, the new total is $1.3 million dollars.

Here’s some even bigger news. The majority of the money we’re raising (3/4ths of it) is coming from an average, grassroots contribution of $50. ……

This week, in addition to conservative opinion leaders like Michelle Malkin, we picked up major financial support from some national political stars, Secretary and Mrs. Donald Rumsfeld and Senator Fred Thompson.

More than their big checks, these American patriots are going on the line and on the record for Bill Russell.

Strong local candidates will do a great deal to help John McCain in the Presidential race and I urge you to do what you can to help, whoever your candidate is. Steve Maloney has some excellent candidates from PA listed on his site, and if he gets his way PA will be a red state.

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