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Aug 31, 2008

Red State Oregon 2

Image from Libertarian Republican.

Pat Conlon is a great gatherer and disseminator of information, if it happened or got said it’s at ‘Born Again Redneck’.

Pats own stuff is good and to the point: -
“For the first time I feel that I have a politician who represents the America that I live in - the small-town America of ordinary folks going about their business of working hard, raising kids and cattle and chickens, hunting, fishing, shooting and simply enjoying life. For the first time there will be someone in DC who understands my concerns and is not some angst-ridden metrosexual city-slicker socialist whose ideas of what America is, seem more European than American.

The Dems and the media will all attack Palin mercilessly for being a hick from Mayberry - precisely the thing that I am so happy about.”
On the side bar of his blog I found a link to the Conservative Majority Project: -
The Oregon Republican Party desperately needs new blood and new leadership. The Conservative Majority Project, with your help, will identify and elect this new leadership.

The Party needs people who believe in conservative principles, can articulate them, and defend them. People who believe in the principles of Individual Responsibility, Limited Government, Constitutional Democracy, Property Rights, and The Free Market.

The Republican Party desperately needs skilled and courageous people to step into the arena of ideas and challenge both the "Certified Smart People" and the establishment class who are running this state.

Oregon is drowning in bureaucracy: bureaucracy in our school systems; bureaucracy in our land-use policies; bureaucracy in our transportation systems, and even bureaucracy in how we make decisions. We are awash in task forces, committees, sub-committees, bureaus, agencies, departments, and commissions.

Meanwhile Oregon ranks 38 out of 50 states in lowest per-capita income, while our public employee union members enjoy the most lucrative benefit packages in the country. The unions drive Salem’s political agenda—the public employee unions—and other moneyed special interests hold the greatest sway over our elected officials, simply because they are the folks currently controlling the campaign purse strings.
Now that’s Change I can believe in.


  1. Sadly Oregon is still stuck in a socialist mode because two-thirds of the population lives in and around Portland which is very far left. The rest of the state is as big as New England but it's pretty empty except for us gun-toting, flag-waving rednecks.

  2. Granted Patrick, but the stuff I highlighted would be a great philosophical basis for a fightback. It actually sounds like something you would write.