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Aug 9, 2008

Some good resources from the left.

Y’know (I’ve just got to stop listening to Obama) lefties do have a sense of humour, (fair go, I am serious). The only problem with it is that they tend to dislike other people having one that pokes fun at them or their causes. I don’t envy shrinks who have to get into those minds and tiptoe around among the sort of ideas found there, it must be stressful.

My regular readers will be aware by now that I like to illustrate with cartoons, a well selected one can really bring out a point or several. The ideal is often impossible and I often have to settle for less, or even just put in something that I find amusing.

I have been fortunate in finding the most wonderful source of images, ironically from a leftie but you don’t look s gift horse in the mouth. Blue Herald’ has its ‘Right wing cartoon watch’, with great selections of cartoons close to my heart along with a commentary on just what they don’t like about them.

My feelings towards leftie angst is generally one of amusement. This is something similar to something I found on Bovination some time ago in a post called “ Letters from the Intelligensia”: -

One of the rewarding things about running a blog is the Lefty hate-mail that trickles through the series of tubes comprising the internet and end up in the InBox. The feeling that somewhere, somehow, a whining, bleeding-heart Lefty is annoyed at you is a bit like taking a good dump: a sort of satisfied, contented feeling that something good (however small and insignificant on a global scale) has been achieved. The Lefties call it 'thinking globally and acting locally'.
These little morsels of hate are normally flushed from the InBox in a single satisfying button press. Occasionally though, a real gem arrives, and just has to be reproduced on the site in its full, unedited, (and un-corrected) glory: ….

Bovination is a great site which is fairly irregulally posted on by ‘Strawman’, who makes up for some long waits with really great stuff. One of his best was his take on the second round of London bombings: - "Dry run for 72 virgins"

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